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Silent Falcon UAS Selected for Canadian BVLOS Operations

Silent Falcon UAS |

Silent Falcon UAS |

Drones will become valuable tools for biologists. In Canada, Precision Vectors Aerial Inc. and Silent Falcon has finalized a deal to deploy UAVs throughout the country for air-based monitoring of many operations.

In recent years, there has been a remarkable development of activities associated with the design, manufacturing, and operation of civilian drones. Long-range UAVs can be used, for example, in the surveillance of power lines, pipelines, railways and road infrastructure, and in environmental monitoring.

Long-Range UAS for Operations BVLOS

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies is a Canadian firm Established in November 2010, specializing in the development of sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems), which is now in its 5th generation.

The firm has announced a new partnership that would lead to the deployment of at least ten, and possibly more, of its systems over Canada within the next five years.

Precision Vectors Aerial Inc. has selected the Silent Falcon UAS as its exclusive UAS for their BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) services in Canada and the United States. The Silent Falcon UAS would be exclusively used in BVLOS operations (pipeline monitoring, forests, wildfire, mining, and precision agriculture). As part of the deal, Precision Vectors would also sell Silent Falcon systems in Canada.

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According to Lorne Borgal, CEO of the newly-created Precision Vectors Aerial, the Silent Falcon UAS has been chosen for its unparalleled advanced technology and commercial viability for BVLOS operations.

Thanks to its TFPV solar energy collection system (thin film photovoltaic) and lithium polymer battery, the Silent Falcon has an extended range of up to 100 kilometers. When it reaches 100 meters above the ground, the aptly-named Silent Falcon is virtually inaudible and undetectable and can stay in the air for five to seven hours depending on flying conditions.

A Huge Need for Enduring, Long-Range UAS

The 5th Generation of the Silent Falcon UAS has a solar electric propulsion system, lightweight carbon-fiber composite structure, and can accommodate different types of payloads.

Such versatile systems are capable of performing a wide variety of operations requiring long range and stealth, and will be able to carry out a plethora of military and civil BVLOS missions.

From military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions to law-enforcement, wildlife protection to crop monitoring, geographical mapping to entertainment, these drones will expand our monitoring capabilities.

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