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Skyscraper Method: Boost Your Website Traffic now in 10 Easy Steps

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Numerous entrepreneurs and amateur bloggers comb the world wide web to find next level marketing plans that boost their web presence and as a result, their business. The Skyscraper method does just that.

In the words of Brian Dean, founder of, “How do you get authoritative sites in your niche to link to you, even if you don’t have a Fortune 500 marketing budget or connections with influential bloggers?”

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EdgyLabs is here to help decode one of the most common questions that up and coming content marketers ask. With the help of the Skyscraper method, which was created by Dean, businesses will now have the keys to unlocking a huge sector of support.

The end goal is to help move your business from lingering unseen on the back pages of Google to doubling your search engine traffic in less than two weeks.

The Skyscraper method in 10 easy steps:


1. Find exemplary content in your industry that already garners many with likes and leads.

2. Search competitive keywords in Google for your specific niche or industry.

3. Research the process of Google Ranking Factors and Google’s 200 Ranking Signals.

4. Before linking pages or topics, always check the veracity of your page source with in-depth tools such as Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer.

5. Make sure that all of your web content is consistently fresh and up-to-date.

6. Designs, Designs, Designs . . . Make it a priority to invest in upscale designs and banners for your page.

7. A great website cannot survive solely on quality blogs because those blogs will most likely not be seen on the 10th page of Google search. Use all of the tools in tandem.

8. Create a simple email outreach script to direct towards others in your field to ask for their support in helping to promote your website.

9. Find authoritative sites in your niche to link to you using the email outreach programs.

10. Use this tool to build an open source way to edit the entire internet using the Wikipedia model to boost traffic to your site.


By incorporating the highly touted Skyscraper method you will be able to help edit and update the internet’s most trafficked resources and leverage direct traffic to your content.

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