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Top 10 YouTubers Right now Plus Their Best Content

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When we think of YouTube, most of us think of it as the go-to place to discover video content. For these guys, YouTube is a commercial business making them millions of dollars in annual earnings. 

From comedians to gamers, these guys have built huge followings around their unique content–some even have more subscribers than the population of England.

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As most of you know, subscribers are the real meat of the YouTube sandwich. That is, those with the most subscribers typically gather the most views and bring in the most cash. Consequently, our top 10 goes from the lowest to the highest number of subscribers.

Here are the Top 10 YouTubers Right now:

10. Yuya: 18.7 Million Subscribers

First on our list is Mariand Castrejon Castañeda, popularly known as Yuya. Yuya is a 23- year old Mexican beauty vlogger and YouTuber. Yuya mainly produces content around makeup, hair, and general beauty tutorials.

Her videos have received over a billion views.

9. NigaHiga: 19.9 Million Subscribers

Ryan Higa is an American comedian who goes by the YouTube username NigaHiga. On his channel, you’ll find mainly short comedy shows, music videos, and commentaries.

Ryan’s channel was the most subscribed channel on YouTube for 677 consecutive days from 2009–2011.

8. Dude Perfect: 20.9 Million Subscribers

Dude Perfect is a channel run by twins Coby and Cory Cotton and their 3 best friends Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney. They are all former high school basketball team players and college roommates.

They produce hybrid content centered around sports and comedy.

7. VanossGaming: 21 Million Subscribers

VanossGaming who is known in real life as Evan Fong, a Canadian video game commentator.

His videos on YouTube are mostly centered on playing popular video games like Grand Theft Auto with other YouTubers.

6. Whinderssonnunes: 21.6 Million Subscribers

Whinderssonnunes is the YouTube channel of Brazilian comedian and singer Whindersson Nunes.

Whinderssonnunes is currently the most subscribed channel in Brazil. He produces mainly parodies, songs, reviews, and comedy skits.

5. Smosh: 22.7 Million Subscribers

Smosh is a sketch comedy channel formerly run by duo Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla.

Together, they had been running the channel since 2002.

Early last month it was announced that Anthony Padilla had left Smosh and started his own YouTube channel. As of right now he has 2.3 million subscribers and the channel is growing quickly.

4. Fernanfloo: 22.8 Million Subscribers

Luis Fernando Flores is a YouTube star from El Salvador who’s better know as Fernanfloo. He makes gameplay videos in Spanish with English captions.

Like many on this list, occasionally his dog makes an appearance on his channel.

3. ElRubiusOMG: 25.1 Million Subscribers

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, who goes by the pseudonym elrubiusOMG, is a Spanish YouTube gamer whose channel primarily consists of gameplay commentary, walkthroughs, and reviews with a fun, comedic twist.

2. HolaSoyGerman: 32 Million Subscribers

Germán Garmendia is a 27-year-old Chilean comedian and musician. He’s the biggest YouTuber in Latin America with two channels, HolaSoyGerman and JuegaGerman in the top 20.

His videos have been viewed over 23 billion times already and earned around $5.5 million last year.

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 1. PewDiePie: 56.5 Million Subscribers

PewDewPie still holds the title for the World’s most successful YouTuber. PewDewPie has close to 60 million subscribers and earns around $15M USD per year from his YouTube efforts.

PewDewPie is a Swedish born comedian whose real name is Felix Kjellberg. He has a wide range of social commentary videos and special comedic takes, but gameplay commentary is the main type of video on his channel.

Earlier this year both YouTube and Disney dropped him after a Wall Street Journal report about anti-Semitic comments in his videos–which he has consistently refuted as bogus and a case where his comments were taken out of context.

PewDewPie later apologized for his extreme jokes but still upheld his right to make jokes in context.

Who is your favorite YouTuber? 

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