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Toshiba Launches the World's First 16TB Hard Drive

Toshiba's new 16TB is the first of its kind. | R. Classen |

Toshiba's new 16TB is the first of its kind. | R. Classen |

HDD storage is not dead. This is clearly what Toshiba wants to tell the world as it launches the industry’s first 16TB hard drive. Toshiba made the announcement just as consumers began ignoring hardware storage devices and turning their interest to cloud-based storage systems.

Yet, this ordeal didn’t stop Toshiba in believing that physical storage is still faster and more secure than cloud technology. Known as the MG08-series HDD, the new HDD tech will provide consistent performance metrics through two-dimensional magnetic recording.

Toshiba's 16TB hard drive
The new 16TB hard drive by Toshiba | Toshiba

Toshiba’s 16TB Hard Drive

Toshiba’s MG08 series of drives are helium-filled and utilize 9-disk platters per unit for more reliable and efficient performance. The 3.5-inch 16TB hard drive spins at 7,200rpm and is reportedly rated for industry-standard 2.5 million-hour Mean Time Between Failures. It has a 512Mib cache buffer and comes in SATA and SAS interfaces.

In a statement, Toshiba noted that:

“Toshiba’s new 16TB MG08 Series delivers new levels of storage capacity and density while delivering improved power efficiency for our cloud-scale and storage solutions customers. Only high-density HDD technology can achieve our customers’ critical TCO objectives at a cost of pennies per GB,” 

The Japanese-based consumer tech manufacturer further stressed its commitment to boosting the HDD platform. Overall, they believe in enhancing it further to meet the storage demands of the future. With the introduction of the 16TB MG08 hard drive, the company hopes to lead the hardware charge amidst the growing influence of cloud-based storage infrastructure.

Aside from its new 16TB hard drive, Toshiba also unveiled the new BG4 series SSDs. These SSDs are built using the company’s proprietary 96-layer Bit Cost Scalable (BiCS) 3D NAND chips. The new SSD chip will offer 40 percent more density than its 64-layer silicon predecessors.

Toshiba did not yet announce any price yet for its new technologies but plans to start shipping the drives to the company’s customers later this month.

Do you believe that cloud-based storage systems will make hardware storage devices obsolete in the future?

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