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Use Facebook Live to Build Your Email Subscription List

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Facebook Live is one of the fastest growing forms of video content distribution today. Leverage it to grow your email list with these tips.

If you’re only sharing blog posts and links to your lead magnet offer on Facebook to build your email list, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

We’re pretty sure you’ve noticed a rapid growth in the number of marketers using Facebook Live.

What you may not know is how they’re using this feature to build their email lists and generate sales.

Compared to regular videos, Facebook live videos are watched 3x more and generate 10x more comments on the social media platform.

Pretty staggering numbers right?

That’s how proportional marketers are building and growing their email lists.

In this article, we let you in on the secret, too, by giving you tips on how to build or grow your email list with Facebook live.

Here’s How to Use Facebook Live for List Building:

1. Be Consistent

As content marketers, we know the importance of consistency in our efforts. Consistency builds routines which ultimately creates expectations–you have to build this relationship with your audience to be successful.

Even now that TV shows and movies are mostly on demand, we still build relationships of expectation between ourselves and our favorite content. We know when our newest shows will be released, like Stranger Things 2 this last Friday, and we make darn sure we’re there to soak it all in.

It’s important to dedicate at least 1 day per week to live streaming consistently if you want to see real results.

In the same way we anticipate our favorite TV shows, your audience will start cultivating a habit of anticipating your live videos once they notice consistency.

2. Get Interactive with Your Audience

One thing that live video offers that other forms of content do not is live interactivity.

Even though your viewers can’t talk back to you on Facebook, there are other ways they can interact with you. They can like, share, react and comment on your content in real time.

Ignite more engagement from your viewers by welcoming them, pausing to take their questions, laughing at funny comments and asking them to share.

In a nutshell, make your live videos a collective effort from you and your viewers.

A highly engaged audience is more likely to take any action you ask of them. With an engaged audience, you can expect a higher conversation rate for your email sign-ups.

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3. Show Your Personality

You’re live–so there are no edits. This is your opportunity to show your audience you’re a real person and not a faceless brand. Having a great sense of humor is always a plus, but people ultimately respect what they perceive as genuine. In other words, be yourself and people will appreciate that.

It’s best to keep things natural and effortless. You can make a live video anywhere from you relaxing on the beach to your normal office set up.

Don’t make things superficial. There’s too much fake news in the world right now.

If your viewers like your personality, they are more likely to hang out with your often in your live videos and eventually take up your offers.

4. Keep Your Live Videos Long

4 of the top 5 most viewed Facebook live streams were over 3 hours long. This makes the length of your live video very important.

It doesn’t mean you should stream for 3 hours in all your live broadcasts. Anything over 30 mins is fine.

Keeping your live videos long enough is great for these reasons:

  • You get an overall good viewership for your content: Not everyone will join at the beginning of your live video. Keeping your videos long enough means lots of people can join in halfway.
  • You have multiple opportunities to pitch your offer: Example, if your goal is to get them to sign up for our email list, you can point them to the lead offer/incentive at decently spaced intervals if your video is long enough. You can’t ask your viewers to download your latest eBook 3 times in 5 mins without appearing pushy.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Live Videos

Just like you drive traffic to your blog posts to get more readership, social shares and a boost in search engine rankings, you should drive traffic to your Facebook live videos as well. Use your existing network to announce your live events.

Even though Facebook has a feature that announces live videos in advance to your fans, it’s equally important to promote your live events yourself as well.

Promoting your live streams will get you more viewers and a higher engagement. This will further boost your organic reach on Facebook as videos with more views and a high engagement are perceived to be of good quality by the network.

Overall, this should lead to a better conversion in your live-video email-lead-generating system.

6. Put Links in Video Description

This is a no-brainer!

The first thing people look out for before they watch any content is the description of the content. This is the place to put any important information about the content.

In addition to the title of your live video, add a link to your landing page. This way when you tell your viewers to sign up for your newsletter, you know clearly where to point them.

Although you can share links in comments, they disappear over time as new comments are posted by your viewers.

Contrastly, the video description stays there permanently even after the live video ends.

This means people who watch videos from the broadcast can equally find the link and sign up.

You still continue to get sign ups even after live broadcast has ended.

Are you already using Facebook live as part of your email and contact list building efforts? If yes, what has the results been so far? If otherwise, is it something your considering?

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