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How Wia is Transforming Cloud Infrastructure for IoT

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The Internet of things, or “IoT” is the concept of connecting every day “smart devices”  like cell phones, computers, coffee makers, washing machines, refrigerators, and wearables via the Internet. 

When one device connects to another (and to the web), the devices transfer and receive data. In some emerging applications, a device with sensors collects data and then sends it to the Cloud for analysis.

As a result, the Cloud becomes the backend or the brain of IoT, making reliable cloud computing more and more essential both at home and in the office.

Wia is one up-and-coming company that provides a robust cloud platform for efficient IoT management.

Founder Conall Laverty told the Silicon Republic in May 2016 that his goal with Wia is to make a developer’s job easier by fueling and transforming “the maker revolution with readily-accessible tools.”  Instead of investing months working on apps, Laverty believes that developers can use Wia’s simple APIs to create an application in minutes, and without any extensive knowledge of the underlying infrastructure.

The platform’s main features are simple device management, events, and logs handling, analytics, and push notifications, and Wia makes these features available through an easy to use REST API.

Additionally, if an organization wants to stream events and logs, Wia offers a lightweight messaging protocol known as “MQTT protocol” specially tailored for that task. Wia has also designed communication between clients and the backend in order to use as little data as possible.

Finally, the platform supports the open source libraries Node.js and iOS– some of the most popular web technologies.

Wia is not the only cloud platform for IoT application, but its robust features make it excellent for any company is need of a backend for their IoT devices.


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