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YouTube Analytics Introduces new Data for Creators

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Video creators on YouTube can now access new data on Analytics to see the other channels that their audience is watching.

Creators on YouTube have always had access to data that shows what their audience watched within the past few weeks. While the information is useful, there’s just one problem — the short period.

Besides watching videos of interest, viewers tend to watch tons of other random content on the streaming platform. These include trending videos, old videos, as well as videos from defunct channels.

As a result, a few weeks might be too short a period to understand an audience’s interest.

Now, YouTube has introduced a new card that shows channels that their audience watched consistently for 28 days. That way, creators can get a better representative of what their audience wants to see.

You’ll find the new card in the analytics section of YouTube Studio on the desktop. But how can you leverage the data on other channels your audience has watched?

What Creators can do With the new Data in YouTube Analytics

Using the new data, creators can now draft a report that shows how the audience’s interest evolves.

One way to do this is to develop a way to log in the data consistently for several months. That way, you can analyze it to identify patterns in viewing behavior. These include:

  • The channels’ names
  • Type of content
  • Video style or format

Lead news writer at Search Engine Land, Matt Southern, advises against thinking of the other channels as competitors. Instead, you could treat them as potential collaboration partners.

Southern wrote:

“It’s important not to think about the other channels as competitors. If an audience is consistently watching multiple channels about the same subject, there’s an opportunity for everyone to benefit through collaboration.”

So, consider reaching out to other channels that your audience also watches. The collaboration may be all you need to reach more viewers on the video streaming platform.

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