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5 Startups from Android OS Inventor Andy Rubin's Playground Global

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In the last twelve months, the investment fund and design lab Playground Global helped five companies bring their creations to the market as full-fledged products.

After having invented Android, the largest mobile OS in the world, Andy Rubin has found his new “Playground.”

Along with other co-founders, Rubin launched Playground Global LLC., a $300 million USD-funded incubator and design studio to support hardware startups from design and prototype phases to manufacturing.

Other than financial support, PG has many partners, including original design manufacturers (ODMs), Internet service providers for Cloud and marketing services, distributors and other physical and web-based infrastructure providers.

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Playground Global differs from other incubators and accelerators in that it seeks software-defined hardware that integrates AI solutions. Since its inception, the platform has helped breathe life into 19 hardware designs and get them to the public as ready products, including five in just the last twelve months.

Here are Five Success Story Startups from Andy Rubin’s Playground Global:

1. Ping: Airspace Safety

uAvionix develops lightweight and low-cost avionics, mainly “sense-and-avoid” solutions for general aviation and sUAS. Ping is an ADS-B transponder for unmanned aircraft (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast), or in English, a surveillance system that broadcasts data to other aircraft and monitoring stations to ensure safety in the airspace.

2. pHin: Water Care

ConnectedYard Inc. is a startup that develops smart backyard and water care solutions; pHin is its first product. Using Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled sensors, a smartphone app, and premeasured chemicals, pHin is a smart device that stays afloat pools and hot tubs to monitor water quality 24/7.

3. Nauto: Undistracted Driving

Nauto is the startup that takes distracted driving very seriously, and aims to stem the dangerous phenomenon by its driver-assist systems. Nauto II multi-sensor device is an AI dual-camera system that can detect when a driver is distracted, and alert them immediately.

4. Lighthouse: Smart Home

Lighthouse is building a smart alarm for homes that’s expected to hit the market next September. The system comprises RGB color camera, 3D sensor, night vision as well as Machine Learning capabilities and can automatically activate/deactivate alarm without triggering false alerts. With its facial recognition and 3D structuring algorithms, Lighthouse can tell between the home residents and strangers, and differentiate person’s movement from that of a pet or a curtain.

5. RightPick: e-Commerce Robotics

RightHand Robotics (RHR) seeks to reduce the costs of e-Commerce order fulfillment process with its end-to-end solutions. RHR’s RightPick is a robotic arm that combines the automation of machines with the flexibility of human worker. RightPick can handle 1000s of SKUs (stock keeping units) and fulfill orders at high speeds, which make it perfect for goods-to-picker handing, sorter induction, and automated packaging.

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