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5 Tech Trends in 2020 That You Should Watch Out For



As people bid 2019 goodbye, many are now eager to know what tech trends in 2020 would help reshape the world.

There’s no doubt that technology is evolving faster than ever. We are now in the midst of a technological revolution that fundamentally alters the way we live, work, and relate ourselves to other people.

If you fail to keep up with some of these major tech trends, you are at risk of being left behind. Updating yourself with the latest happenings in the technology sector has its benefits.

Not only would it help you prepare for the changes, but it would also allow you to take advantage of the opportunities they present.

In this article, we will share with you the five tech trends that you should watch out for this coming 2020.

Tech Trends in 2020 That Will Reshape the World

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

AI as a service, or simply AIaaS, is a new term and product that’s rapidly gaining traction. Like other “as a service” products available today, AIaaS was developed around the concept of “everything as a service.”

AIaaS made it possible for companies to buy customizable AI-based products from third-party vendors and providers to augment their customers’ experience and streamline their operations.

These AIaaS solutions can be easily tweaked to meet the needs of a business system and be deployed immediately. Artificial intelligence is a multibillion-dollar industry, and with AIaaS, it’s expected to generate more revenue this 2020.

To date, some of the biggest providers of AIaaS solutions include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

AI Security

AI security is one of the most significant tech trends this coming 2020.

As more tech gadgets are developed and released in the market, the demand for a more reliable way of securing them also increased.

Not only that, the globally increasing IoT adoption and the number of connected devices have also increased the risk of cyberattacks.

As a solution, electronics manufacturers have now turned to AI security to ensure that their products are equipped with enough protection against breach events.

According to experts, the AI in the cybersecurity market is expected to reach approximately USD 30.9 billion by 2025.

5G Technology

5G technology has been the highlight of CES 2019. And, there’s no doubt that this emerging technology will be one of the driving factors in wireless tech growth this coming 2020.

Telecommunications companies around the world are continuously deploying infrastructures supporting 5G to meet their goals. On the other hand, electronics manufacturers are also working on their 5G-supported devices.

Deployment of 5G networks will not only mean faster smart devices, but it also means all things powered by the Internet will get faster.


The popularity of robotics has increased significantly this year. In fact, robots are now everywhere.

From companion robots, wearables, biomimicry, warehouse assistants, and prosthetics, robotics has become a part of our lives today.

In a post from Electronics Specifier, Electro Mechanical Systems Stewart Goulding enumerated three robotics trends that will appear in 2020:

  • Cobots in the workplace
  • Medical robots
  • Robotics in agriculture

Despite being around for nearly a decade now, cobots or collaborative robots still provide the most opportunities for production lines. Cobots complement humans, making them more accessible and cost-effective to produce.

On the other hand, the medical industry has been openly exploring revolutionary non-invasive surgeries through robotics. This led to the development of new surgical robots.

Agriculture is another industry that robotics is rapidly transforming. One study showed that by 2024, the demand for agricultural robots would increase by over 24 percent.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is among the tech trends that you should watch out for in 2020. To date, it’s already grabbed a massive chunk of the e-commerce industry‘s revenue.

Some reports projected that the majority of e-commerce purchases would be made through smartphones in the following years. A Javelin Strategy & Research study revealed that from $122 billion in 2015, smartphone-based purchases would balloon to over $300 billion next year.

As per Javelin, m-commerce’s growth is in part due to other market trends like in-store mobile checkout features and the proliferation of mobile wallets.

Javelin predicted that a considerable portion of mobile commerce share would come from millennial shoppers. Because of the rising popularity of m-commerce, retailers are advised to develop more comprehensive mobile payment options.


As mentioned, technology is evolving at a rate faster than most of us expected. The continuous investment of global companies in innovations will not only help improve existing technologies but will also lead to the development of new ones.

Aside from the technologies we listed above, you should also keep your eyes on these other promising tech trends next year:

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