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200 Degrees / Pixabay.com


Owning a premium domain.app can help you grow your brand, significantly improve reach and profitability, and position your entity as a premium brand.

  • Distinctive Domain – A .APP is a great way to establish a presence with your brand’s APP and to have a cohesive URL.
  • Audience Engagement – Engage and keep your audience updated on your APP with secure links to your APP’s reviews, news, and more.
  • Discoverability – Your company’s consistent, unique .APP will be a simple and straightforward way for your audience to discover your brand. The .APP informs your users that your website is directed towards a specific APP.
  • Increased Security – All .APP domains must have HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). By having this mandatory encryption, your site is protected against spyware and harmful malware.

Contact michael – at – edgylabs.com for more information.

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