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Hate the Apple Watch? Consider These Alternatives

There's plenty of smartwear alternatives to the pricey apple watch. | Image by Twin Design |

There's plenty of smartwear alternatives to the pricey apple watch. | Image by Twin Design |

The Apple Watch is certainly an attractive product, but its high price can put many users off. Here we've compiled a list for you of the best quality and affordable smartwatches out there.

After spending almost $1,000 on an iPhone, the Apple Watch may appear overpriced to you. And maybe it is, but that’s okay. In 2019, there are tons of other wearable devices to use with your iPhone.

With almost 50 percent of the wearable device market, the Apple Watch is arguably the most popular smartwatch in the game right now. Be that as it may, it’s not exactly financially-friendly.

Potential buyers have to pay between $400 and $1500 for newer models, depending on the size and specification of the smartwatch. Even the older models are no cheaper.

Luckily for you, tons of other wearable devices offer similar value to the Apple Watch.

Most importantly, these smartwatches will work seamlessly with your iPhone.

1. Withings Steel HR Sport

The Withings Steel HR sport may be the best out there

As far as fitness devices go, the Withings Steel HR Sport may be the best out there. Beyond its analog look, you’ll find an efficient fitness tracker and an impressive heart monitor.

Perhaps the best thing about this smartwatch is its ability to calculate your VO2 Max. With that said, Withings Steel HR Sport is a fitness tracker before anything else. The Withings Steel HR Sport costs $199.95, which puts it in a far more affordable price range for most consumers. However, for a wearable device with more aesthetic appeal, consider the next watch.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Watch

Like the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is also available in two sizes;

Like the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is also available in two sizes; 42 and 44mm.

Created as a successor to the Samsung Gear S3, this smartwatch comes with the fitness and health features associated with its predecessor. But, it also has a more advanced heart rate monitor as well as better-integrated sleep tracking.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch runs on Tizen OS rather than Google’s Wear OS. Not only does this let it work seamlessly with the iPhone, it also offers a better battery life than the Apple Watch.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Watch for $329.99 on Amazon.

3. Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit versa not only looks like the Apple Watch, but it works like it too.

The Fitbit Versa not only looks like the Apple Watch, but it works like one too. With its fitness features, waterproof design and heart rate monitor, you can enjoy the best features on Apple’s wearable device at a reduced cost.

There’s also an app store, music player and contactless payment. There’s just one setback — the Fitbit Versa doesn’t have GPS.

However, the estimated five days of battery life certainly makes up this missing feature. That’s right, you won’t have to charge your watch every night.

The Fitbit Versa costs $199.95 on Amazon.

4. Garmin Vivomove HR

The Garmin Vivomove HR is a hybrid sporty watch with tons of exciting features

The Garmin Vivomove HR is a hybrid sports watch with tons of exciting features. Aside from the standard iPhone notifications, this smartwatch also provides:

  • Fitness Tracking Data
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Stress Levels

Like the Fitbit Versa, the Garmin Vivomore also comes with five-hour battery life. But in the powered-down watch mode, you can use this wearable gadget for as long as two weeks.

The Garmin Vivomove costs about $199.99.

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There is a flood of smartwatches and wearable devices on the market at the moment. With that, it’s high time to take advantage of the competition and find a high quality and low priced smart watch for you.

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