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Survey Shows Asia is Ready for Lab-Grown Meat

In great news for cows everywhere, a new survey shows that the public is ready to try synthetic meat. ¦ ValentinaKru / Shutterstock

In great news for cows everywhere, a new survey shows that the public is ready to try synthetic meat. ¦ ValentinaKru / Shutterstock

As humanity seems to be heading toward a Full Earth scenario, rethinking our food and its production is crucial.

For millions of years, the role of meat in the development of societies was critical.

But, we are now at a place where unsustainable intensive animal farming is a big problem for the planet.

Of all the things grown in vats, lab-grown meat, also known as synthetic meat, would have an immediate and concrete impact, if only consumers get on board.

A study of the consumer interest in the U.S., China, and India reveals that meat alternatives enjoy “high levels of acceptance”.

Asian and American Consumers Aren’t Fake Meat-phobic

The “Survey of Consumer Perceptions of Plant-Based and Clean Meat in the USA, India, and China” involved 987 American, 1,024 Indian, and 1,019 Chinese consumers.

Participants filled out an online questionnaire where they answered questions testing their diet flexibility and their “food neophobia”, or the reluctance to try new foods, particularly meat alternatives.

About 75 percent of American consumers said they were somewhat or moderately likely to purchase clean meat and plant-based meat. In India and China, the figure jumps to 86 percent.

The results show:

“High levels of acceptance of clean meat in the three most populous countries worldwide, and with even higher levels of acceptance in China and India compared to the USA. These results underline the importance of clean meat producers exploring new markets for their products, especially as meat consumption in developing countries continues to rise.”

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To win over traditional meat eaters, lab-grown meat has to meet exceedingly high standards.

Cultured meat has to look, taste, smell, and be textured like conventional meat cells. It can compete in all these departments, but currently, there’s certainly room for improvement.

This tweet is from the founder of JUST Inc., a California-based food tech company that just announced the world’s first lab-grown chicken nugget.

JUST’s cultured chicken nugget has already passed a taste test.

In addition to sparing animals, to antispecists satisfaction, lab-grown meat will provide a huge environmental relief to the planet and all species.

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