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NASA is Recruiting for Artemis Mission, Here's how to Qualify

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The United States National Space Agency, NASA, is recruiting astronauts for the Artemis mission. And it only has two major requirements.

It’s a new era of space exploration. Aside from returning humans to the Moon, a Mars exploration could occur in the distant future.

Accordingly, NASA put out the call for potential Artemis astronauts to send to the Moon by 2024. On Tuesday, the space agency announced that it’s now accepting applications from March 2 till March 31.

How do you qualify for the Artemis mission?

Aside from having a passion for space-related things, NASA has two other crucial requirements. Potential applicants must be:

  • a United States citizen
  • have a graduate degree in a STEM field

Qualified candidates have rigorous tests to look forward to. Along with a two-hour online assessment, candidates will also undergo a long-duration spaceflight physical test.

According to reports, NASA should select the astronaut candidates by mid-2021. Afterward, it would begin a training program for Artemis as well as prepare candidates for being sent to the Moon.

Recruiting Astronauts for Artemis Mission and Beyond

It would begin with an unmanned Artemis I test mission in 2021.

After that, Artemis II — a human-crewed spacecraft orbiting the Moon — would follow. Finally, Artemis III will take the astronauts all the way, landing on the lunar surface.

NASA hopes to have established a sustainable moon exploration by 2028. To achieve this goal, it must first recruit the right applicants.

Back in January, the space agency welcomed 11 new astronauts to its ranks from over 18,000 applicants. According to NASA, these are the first to graduate since the agency announced the Artemis program.

Counting these eleven, NASA now has a total of 48 active astronauts.

In a press release, the space agency said:

“With 48 astronauts in the active astronaut corps, more will be needed to crew spacecraft bound for multiple destinations and propel exploration forward as part of Artemis missions and beyond.”

So, if you’re looking to become a next-generation NASA astronaut, click this link to apply.

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