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CES Special: 3 Wearable Innovations From the Show Floor

James Mattil /

James Mattil /

Wearable tech is a big as ever, and CES 2017 is showcasing plenty of new devices.

Strap in and take a look at these three wearable innovations being displayed on the CES show floor:

1. The Moveband BT

wearable innovations
The Moveband BT

This stylish band looks more like a fashion statement than a fitness tracker. The Moveband BT Smartband swaps out a screen for a metal and leather design controlled by hand gestures. The band offers the typical fitness-tracking fare (activity, sleep-tracking, etc…) as well as relaying notifications for messages and calls (though how it does that without a screen we do not know). It’s coming as soon as March, but there’s no word yet on an exact date or price. At any rate, wearable innovations are intriguing.

2. Decibullz


Anyone who has had to boil a mouthpiece to make it fit correctly will understand this next entry. Decibullz are small earbuds that aim to give you a perfect fit and seal, giving you the best sound experience possible. By boiling the tips of the buds, you can easily mold them to your ear, and this process can be repeated if you don’t get the fit just right. Wearable innovations inspired by sports technology? Go figure.

Decibullz have wired and wireless versions, but the battery on the wireless buds only lasts about 3-4 hours, so the wired ones might be the better buy.

3. The Coros Linx

What about the term ‘bone-induction’ is uncool? The short answer is nothing, especially when it means that you can listen to your favorite music while keeping your ears free to hear oncoming traffic while biking on the road. The Coros Linx is a bike helmet that uses a pair of bone-induction speakers in the straps to give riders a safer alternative for music on those long rides.

Coros Linx

Bone conduction tech sends vibrations through your cheekbones in a way that bypasses the eardrum. The transmission is silent to anyone but the user, and it leaves the user free to hear any outside noises still. The helmet will come with a remote that bikers can strap to their handlebars, a battery, and a Bluetooth unit.

What about the term 'bone-induction' is uncool? The short answer is: nothing.Click To Tweet
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