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CES Special: The Ford Sync Puts Alexa in your Vehicle

James Mattil /

James Mattil /

Amazon and the Ford Motor Company are collaborating to integrate the AI Alexa into new Ford vehicles. Time for the Internet of Things to hit the road.

Ford and Amazon are joining forces to integrate the Amazon Echo smart home device (powered by Alexa AI) into new smart cars fitted with Ford Sync. This move gives them features such as remote ignition, media library access, and voice command.

The partnership was sought after by other companies, but Ford is first in line to get Alexa in their vehicles.

Integrating Alexa Into Your Ford Sync Driving Experience

When the tech hits the consumer market, Ford drivers will be able to access audiobooks, shop on Amazon, and access an in-car navigation system. Additionally, Alexa can remotely control things like ignition, locking or unlocking doors, and it can access vehicle information using voice commands.

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The roll-out will happen in two phases: First, users will be able to connect to their car through Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap. Second, and probably coming during the summer, they’ll implement the ability to command Alexa while driving.

An Innovation in Integration

Smart cars aren’t a new concept, but Ford and Amazon are taking theirs a step further than previous entries. Three years ago, Mercedes-Benz offered drivers the ability to control their thermostat from their car. Now, Ford is offering Alexa and a host of other nifty IoT-related tech that lets users control their car from their home.

It’s not just Alexa control, either. Ford is also reaching out to smartwatch owners. Soon, those who own a Samsung Gear SR or an S3 smartwatch will be able to integrate their device with a Ford Sync-enabled vehicle to get nifty parking reminders and alerts when they veer into oncoming traffic.

The cherry on top is that Sync-enabled vehicles will be WiFi hotspots, powered by AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The hotspot will allow up to 10 devices to access the internet, which is ideal for passengers and possibly dangerous for drivers. For chronically distracted drivers, Ford has a simple message: Don’t drive while distracted.

The IoT is going to be in our vehicles soon, and when the cars start driving themselves, tech like Ford Sync and Alexa may make getting to work as easy as sitting down and saying “drive me to work, Alexa.”

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