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Cogito AI Helps Customer Service Agents be Sympathetic

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While many routine tasks in customer service call centers already are or will be automated, direct human interaction in customer service may be all but over. AI can’t replace human agents altogether, but for now, they can help ESL employees enhance conversations with native English speaking clients. A new startup developed an AI conversation coach for customer service representatives.

In an increasingly competitive market and in the face of increasingly demanding customers, call centers are an asset for companies wishing to maintain the quality of their customer relations and thereby their overall competitiveness. If call centers can’t totally replace their human agents with chatboxes and virtual assistants, they can at least leverage AI solutions for optimal customer experience. That’s where Cogito can help.

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Cogito: Emotionally Intelligent AI Software for Customer Service

Cogito, a Boston-based startup specializing in emotional artificial intelligence, developed AI software that uses behavioral analytics to perform in-call analysis and perceive the emotions of clients through their speaking patterns, verbal cues, and other social signals.

The algorithm gives agents real-time insights into the emotional state of the customer. Through dashboard alerts, Cogito may recommend talking slower or less frequently, or indicates that the caller is annoyed, guiding the agent through the progress of conversations and helping them be sympathetic and more efficient.

Systems like Cogito would not exclude humans from the customer service relationship. On the contrary, they would enhance the conversational capacity of the human customer service agents.

The Cogito AI can streamline their work and optimize the customer experience. More fluid customer interaction translates to satisfied clientele, reduced costs and increased productivity.

Among other applications with great potential for Cogito are autonomous cars, video conferencing and business negotiations. Autonomous cars require the presence of a human behind the wheel just in case. An AI system like Cogito could analyze the emotional state of the driver and alert them to stay focused when distracted or bored.

AI-Aided Emotional Intelligence

In addition to training or skills, the professional success of people rests primarily on the quality of their relationships with customers and colleagues.

If intellectual abilities and skills are taken for granted, emotional intelligence must still be developed. In other words, empathy, adaptability, social comfort are also key factors for professional success.

The more emotional intelligence people have, the more efficient they are across the spectrum of customer service interaction. This also applies to machines. By adding real-time emotional intelligence capacities to AI, companies can offer a customer service that is relevant and adaptable, thereby virtually guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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