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The Latest Comprehensive Map of our Social Media Universe

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The last two decades of internet evolution has been crazy, hasn’t it? Here’s a current map of our social media universe and a brief look back at our beginnings.

It’s been fun to learn and grow with you all as our communities have transitioned into a social media age.

Social media itself has evolved quite a bit just in the past decade. What started out as mostly dull, text-based platforms are now multimedia rich interactive platforms with millions of daily active users.

social media universe

The above infographic by Conversation Prism visualizes comprehensively the social media universe here in 2017.

The massive success of major platforms like Facebook and Twitter have helped build the foundation for other small platforms to emerge.

In this article, we’ll also summarize the timeline of major events in the evolution of our social media universe.

A Brief History of Significant Social Media Platform Launches

2003: 4chan Launches

This primitive platform harbors a controversial group of users and still has greater influence in public and political life than most understand today.

2004: Facebook, Flickr, and Orkut Launch

Facebook is a top 3 visited site in the world and is the default social newsfeed for most social media users. Zuckerberg, the platform’s founder, is an intriguing personality that might run to be the next U.S. president.

2005: YouTube and Reddit Launch

Reddit is the “homepage of the Internet” and can be considered a somewhat-more-refined version of 4chan. It is a natural meme generator and multifaceted resource for any Internet user.

2006: Twitter and Spotify Launch, Facebook Opens up to all and Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 billion.

Twitter has become a megaphone for the entertainment industry. Famous figures and athletes rub elbows with the average joe–and it’s become the U.S. President Donald Trump‘s favorite announcement medium.

2007: Tumblr Launches.

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A Look at the Social Media Universe in 2008

social media universe

Smaller Moves on the way to Present day

2009: Foursquare and Whatsapp launched.

2010: Instagram and Pinterest launched. Twitter launches sponsored stories.

2011: Google+ and Snapchat launched.

2012: Facebook reaches 1 billion users. Acquires Instagram for $1 billion.

2013: Vine launched. Yahoo acquires Tumblr.

2014: Ello launched. Facebook buys Whatsapp for $19 billion.

2015: Periscope and Meerkat launched.

2016: Facebook launches live video streaming.

2017: Vine shuts down. Facebook hits 2 billion active users.

What does the future hold for Social Media?

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