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Create Your own Chatbots with Dexter now; it's Easy

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Businesses developing apps is becoming obsolete, and instead, their focus is turning toward creating useful chatbots. Many major brands and professional developers have already embarked on developing their own bots, but this AI-based technology is now available and easy to access for everyone.

Mobile apps have undeniable advantages for the user, making their experience better thanks to things like relevant navigation and content, though not without some inevitable drawbacks. Because each of these apps is designed to accomplish a specific task, smartphones end up being cluttered with many apps that need regular updates.

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Bots: Self-Updating Universal Apps

Unlike conventional apps, bots can adapt to new habits of users and, thanks to deep learning and Big Data, they are gaining in efficiency. Instead of many apps, each dedicated to a specific service, chatbots can serve as a universal app that can communicate with the user to answer all kinds of requests and accomplish any task instantly. Chatbots are similar to mobile apps, but they are based on an often pre-existing conversational user interface (like Twitter) instead of an original interace. In other words, the user has to start a verbal or textual conversation within an application not necessarily created by the chatbot’s creator.

Here, we must differentiate between AI-based personal assistants (such as Cortana or Siri), which are able to handle a large amount of data, and bots dedicated to a specific objective (that can change over time).

Kindergarteners Could Create Chatbots

There are several ways to create chatbots. Dexter is one of the platforms that offer you the tools to create your chatbot easily and quickly.

Dexter is a chatbot building platform that was backed by Betaworks’s incubator and launched in 2015. The startup’s team designs custom bots for corporate clients, such as General Electric, McCann and PlayStation. But Dexter made it easy for anyone who can fill in a text box to also create a chatbot.

That’s right: you don’t to be a programmer to use the platform. If you already used the WordPress word processor, you will find that Dexter works just the same. There are text boxes and explicit tools all in a neat user interface.

For example, to create a simple chatbot, you simply program how the bot should react to a given user’s requests. Using a prompt window, for example the word “Hi,” you set the bot to respond with, “How can I help you?” and so on. The bot can respond with text, gifs or videos. The corresponding code is written and output in the background by Dexter. Users can create one chatbot for free, which you can utilize on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Slack.

Chatbots have already been widely implemented, and have influenced many important events in recent history. Name a few, if you know what we’re hinting at.

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