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Drive Engagement With These 4 Content Types

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If you're unsure how to truly engage your social media followers, look no further than this concise list of content types that'll bring your followers back.

Here are 4 content types that will drive a ton of engagement to your social media posts.

The number of followers is no longer the golden metric for social media pages. Instead, how many of those followers are actually engaged is what matters.

Before the era of algorithmic feeds, the number of fans a page had directly correlated with the level of engagement their posts can drive.

That has long since changed. Now, a lot of effort has to be put in to drive engagement, and the type of content you share on your pages is one of the most important factors.

Luckily, it’s clear that some forms of content drive more engagement than others.

We’ve put together 4 of these content types for you to consider.

While this is by far not a comprehensive list, the ones we’ve included are very easy to create and will produce great results in a very short amount of time.

4 Content Types to Drive Social Engagement

1. Live Streaming

Live video is one of the fastest growing forms of content today. On Facebook, for example, live videos are watched 3x more and generate 10x more comments than all other forms of content on the social media platform.

This makes live video a sure fire way to increase engagement.

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Coincidentally, many brands don’t use live video because they are often confused as to what content to share. They believe live video only works for celebrities, news companies, and gamers.

If you’re confused as to what to share live with your fans, you can:

  • interview people,
  • stream events you host,
  • give a sneak peek into your company’s offices,
  • or host a general Q & A to engage with your fans.
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2. Memes

To boost engagement on social media, its best to avoid being overly serious with the content you share.

Whilst most fans want to know what’s the latest with your brand, posting only serious stuff might end up being too boring to engage the average follower.

You need to give your audience more than just your latest blog posts and latest features.

Game of Thrones | Bored Panda

Build a casual relationship with your fans by sharing light-hearted content.

Memes do a great job of this. You can find a lot of relevant memes for your niche or you can even create your own in a few steps.

3. Polls

Another great way to draw out your fans to engage with you on social media is to use polls. You can get a lot of engagement by simply soliciting feedback and opinions from your fans.

There are a ton of ideas about polls you can create. It can either be serious stuff like the next feature to add to your product or just fun things like Norm Kelly‘s poll below.

Even though Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have poll features, Twitter easily takes the crown as the best platform to host your polls.

Twitter polls are easily embeddable on websites and blogs which means you can get more out of your polls by driving engagement from other sources other than your Twitter page and also gaining exposure for your page.

4. Quizzes

Quizzes are fun. Everyone wants to prove they know the answer. As a company, this presents a golden opportunity to drive a ton of engagement.

For every social Quiz post, there are basically four groups of people. The first obviously being the ones who want to be the first to answer.

The second is the people who will still answer even when others have done so already just to show they also know the answer.

The third group is the ones who argue over the right answer and the last, those who invite their friends to come and provide the answers.

These groups translate into likes, shares, and comments on your Quiz posts.

Quiz | Oswaal Books | Facebook

What other types of content do you use to draw engagement from your fans?

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