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Facebook Introduces new Ad Volume Guidance Per Page

Simon Steinberger /

Simon Steinberger /

In the past, advertisers on Facebook created a large volume of ads hoping that one of many would reach the right audience. According to Facebook, such a measure is no longer necessary today.

That’s because marketers on the platform can now use a machine learning-driven product to personalize their ads. Along with improving performance, the method also reduces the volume of ads that advertisers have to manage.

Besides, Facebook insists that more ad volume doesn’t necessarily translate to better performance.

Here’s why.

Why High Ad Volume Doesn’t Equate Performance

Each time an ad appears on the social platform, Facebook’s ads delivery system goes through a learning phase. It “learns more about the best people and places to show the ads.

That means the more an ad is shown, the better the algorithm becomes at optimizing the ad’s performance. At the same time, too many ads ensure that each it delivers less often.

Facebook explained in its announcement:

“We discovered that four in ten running ads fail to exit the learning phase, and many of these ads come from advertisers running too many ads at the same time.”

So, advertisers have to spend more budget before the delivery system can optimize performance.

To address this issue, the social media giant is introducing a new ad volume guidance per page.

Facebook’s New Ad Volume Guidance Per Page

Facebook is introducing four limit tiers based on the advertiser’s highest spending month in the last twelve months. So, higher spending would translate to a more significant number of ads.

Here’s the breakdown.

  • Less than $100k in the highest spending month = 250 ads per page
  • $100k to $1M in the highest spending month = 1,000 ads per page
  • $1M to $10M in the highest spending month = 5,000 ads per page
  • More than $10M in the highest spending month = 20,000 ads per page

Facebook stated that the new ad limit enforcement would roll out from February 2021 through Summer 2021.

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