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Facebook to Roll Out Job Posts in 40 New Countries

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Facebook has launched job posts to give people better opportunities to hire and be hired.

Since last year, we’ve witnessed significant changes in Facebook’s policies and algorithm. New features were also rolled out like Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Questions, Live Stream, Facebook Watch, and just yesterday, Facebook Job Posts.

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There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg is continuously exploring new possibilities for Facebook, and right now, he’s aiming to give businesses and job seekers a new platform to connect with each other.

This new initiative just made the social media giant a direct competitor of leading job search marketplaces such as JobStreet and LinkedIn. However, Facebook is reportedly targeting low-skilled job seekers who are having difficult times landing jobs.

The job posts feature has been rolled out in 40 countries as part of the company’s goal to play a more meaningful role in people’s lives. Conveniently, this also lays out a new foundation for lucrative business.

“Local businesses strengthen our communities and create more than 60% of new jobs. We want to help people find those jobs and help local businesses hire the right people, so, we’re expanding the ability to apply to jobs directly on Facebook to more than 40 countries,” Alex Himel, vice president for local businesses at Facebook, wrote in a blog post.

Facebook’s Job Posts

The job posts feature was initially launched last year in the United States and Canada. In an online survey conducted by Morning Consult, it was found that one in every four people in the U.S. alone were able to search and find a job through Facebook.

According to Himel, Facebook also developed other business features since introducing job postings.

These features include giving people the ability to post job openings on mobile, manage applications, and schedule interviews. To add to these features, job seekers can also set up job alerts for the kind of roles that they are interested in.

By rolling the job posts feature into 40 more countries, users will now have access to the Job Dashboard located in the Facebook web sidebar or in the “More” section of the Facebook mobile application.

Through the dashboard, job opportunities can be filtered by proximity, industry, and job type.

How the Job Posts Feature Works

If you’re a job-seeker, there are four ways that you can access the Jobs Dashboard.

  • By going directly to
  • By clicking the Jobs option in the “More” section of your mobile application.
  • By clicking the Jobs icon in Marketplace.
  • By visiting the Jobs tab of any business page.

If you’re all set to apply for a role, you may create an application which can be populated with the job history and other information that you have on your Facebook profile. You can also edit your application before you submit it.

Once your application has been submitted, a Messenger conversation with the Business Page you’re applying with will open. This will enable you to have direct contact with the employer and confirm if they were able to receive your information.

Only the information you provided and the ones publicly visible on your Facebook page will be visible to potential employers.

Now, if you’re a business owner and you’re looking to hire someone through Facebook, you may create job posts directly through your FB Business Page.

You will have to provide the usual job ads information like the job title, job type (if it’s full-time, part-time, or internship), salary, and other details.

Job posts will be available in different places on Facebook such as on your Business Page, the Jobs Dashboard, Facebook Marketplace, and in the News Feed. Job posts will appear like normal page posts in your News Feed. You also have the option to boost it to ensure that you’re going to reach the right applicants.

Once you start receiving applications, you may communicate with your applicants, schedule interviews, and send automated reminders through Messenger.

In his blog post, Himel said that Facebook already invested over $1 billion to help local businesses grow back in 2011. Now, the company is planning to ramp up this initiative.

“Since 2011, Facebook has invested more than $1 billion to help local businesses grow and help people find jobs. And in 2018 we plan to invest the same amount in more teams, technology, and new programs. Because when businesses succeed, communities thrive,” Himel went on to say.

Are you going to use the Job Posts feature to look for job opportunities? 

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