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5 Important Things About Video Marketing Every Marketer Must Know

Video Marketing is everything today. Here's exactly how to make it work for you. Image By studiostock | Shutterstock

Video Marketing is everything today. Here's exactly how to make it work for you. Image By studiostock | Shutterstock

Video marketing is everything in the modern world of content marketing. Here's exactly how to make the most of video for your business.

Video marketing is one of the most in-demand promotional tools that you should add to your marketing strategy today. Usually, many marketers disregard the convenience that it provides when it comes to promoting their brands because they don’t know how or where to begin. That’s why, in this article, we will discuss the most important things about video marketing that you should know.

To start with, let’s first understand why you need videos to enhance your marketing strategies.

Aside from the fact that videos offer consumers convenience and efficiency, it also gives marketers a more versatile and attractive means of sharing valuable information with their target audience. In fact, it was found that using videos in ad campaigns could increase its effectivity by 600 percent over other conventional marketing tools.

In the United States alone, about 75 million people are said to be watching videos every day. According to Wyzowl, 97 percent of marketers said that video has helped their consumers better understand their products and services. Additionally, 76 percent claimed that it helped increase their sales and traffic.

Experts estimate that this year, 80 percent of the total consumer Internet traffic will be due to online video streaming.

These figures alone are enough proof that video marketing is today’s ‘big thing’ in the marketing space. Not only is it significant in increasing your audience reach and site traffic, but online videos could also boost your engagement and brand recognition.

When it comes to video, your content should be in the form of the following:

  • Youtube Video
  • Facebook Video
  • Webinar
  • Instagram Video
  • Twitter Video
  • LinkedIn Video
  • Facebook Live
  • 360 Video
  • Virtual Reality
  • Snapchat

You can either choose one video content strategy or more from the list provided. It will always depend on your creativity and what sort of audience you want to reach. Now, if you’re still having a hard time absorbing everything, here are the five key things about video marketing that marketers like you should know.

5 Video Marketing Tips for Marketers

1. Understand the Different Types of Video Content

Like all text and image content, there are plenty of ways to present video content to your audience. Refer to the list we provided at the beginning of this article. With a lot of options out there, choosing the right video content can become a difficult task.

To ensure that you will be utilizing the right video content, it is essential that you know where your target audiences are. These are the people that will be interested in watching your content. You should also take into consideration the message of your video to know in what platform it should be uploaded.

For instance, short videos could be easily shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can also get a lot of engagements from these sites. On the other hand, for longer videos, you may want to upload them on video streaming websites like Youtube. The latter could also allow you to create a playlist for a series of related video content that you plan to upload.

Again, one of the most important things about video marketing that you should pay attention to is the difference between each video content. Make sure that you do some thorough research so you can choose the right material and platform for your campaign.

2. Budgeting

There are two ways that you can produce video content: either in-house or by hiring a professional video creator to do it for you.

In-house video creation will give you more control over your content, making it easier for you to edit or apply personal touches. However, this process could cost you a lot of money, as well as time and lost work productivity if you’re a beginner who has to learn the best video creation techniques available at your disposal.

On the other hand, hiring professional video creators can save you a lot of time and effort since they can immediately provide professional-looking videos. Some might think it’s costly, but if you think about the money that you will save from the lost productivity hours, hiring a professional is still a more viable option for beginners.

Regardless of what option you choose to save money and time, keep in mind to always be in touch with both your creative and technical team during the creation of your video.

3. Video SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is an integral part of any marketing effort. You need to optimize every element of your web page to ensure that search engines will be able to crawl it. One of the essential things about video marketing that marketers like you should never forget is that your video content should always be optimized for search engines.

If you want your videos to be found easier in search engines, you may try a few techniques. One is to host your video in your own domain so you can derive its maximum SEO value. After that, you may start sharing it with other sites and social media platforms.

Additionally, make sure that you enable the embedding feature of your video since this technique could improve your chances of receiving inbound marketing links. Also, create a video sitemap for your videos so search engines can easily find all of them on your site.

Like other elements of your site, optimize your video descriptions so search engine spiders can quickly understand what your content is all about. This will make it easier to match your content with queries from online users. Only use relevant keywords as tags and always use unique titles.

4. Distribution Strategy

Distribution strategy is also among the essential things about video marketing that we should learn. This pertains to your video sharing strategy and where you want your video content to appear.

When creating your distribution strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should my video content be shared on social media?
  • Where should I be posting my video content?
  • Which video content channel will give the most significant value for my money?
  • How much time and effort must I invest when creating my video content?

Again, as a marketer, you must know where to upload your video. This will be easier if you know where your target audiences are hanging out. Social media platforms are more fluid and could be the best choice if you want to target a specific group of people.

For instance, video content uploaded on your Facebook business page could be boosted to gain more traffic and audience. This would allow you to specify the targeted ages of people and regions of the world you want your video to reach.

Also, take into account the meaning of your video or the information it conveys. If your video content is about job openings or anything business-related, you may opt to upload it on LinkedIn since it’s where professionals connect with each other.

Keep in mind that choosing the right channel for your video will always give the biggest value for your money because it will enable you to maximize the purpose of your material.

5. Define KPIs

Last but not the least on our list of important things about video marketing is the KPI. Key performance indicators are highly beneficial when it comes to providing insights into the progress of your marketing efforts. By defining and actively measuring your video content KPIs, you will immediately learn if you need to retain your marketing approach or change it.

KPIs allow marketers to determine when campaigns go wrong at the soonest possible time and prevent them from negatively affecting the primary marketing objective. Marketers should place two sets of KPIs for campaigns that involve videos: one is for the video content itself, and the other one is for the overall video marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

In this fast-phased world, where people prefer the easiest ways to access information, using video content could have a significant impact on your marketing strategies. Video marketing is now considered one of the most powerful marketing tools online, and it’s gaining more popularity every day. Make the most out of your video content and take advantage of the marketing benefits it offers to promote your brand.

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