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Facebook Rolls out new Features for Video Publishing

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Facebook is introducing new video publishing features, as well as the ability to upload multiple videos at the same time.

For a while now, the social media behemoth has been working to improve its video destination, Facebook Watch. According to Facebook, video publishing more flexible than ever on its platform.

With this in mind, Facebook recently rolled out updates to bulk uploader and Playlists, including a new feature called Series.

Series is a new way to organize content into episodes. Together with Playlist, series can help publishers on the platform increase content discovery across the Facebook app ecosystem.

Let’s explore further.

4 New Videos Publishing Updates on Facebook

Here’s the break down of the new features.

1. Updates to Bulk Uploader

Facebook has improved the efficiency of its bulk uploader to enable users to upload as much as 50 videos at the same time to one page.

What’s more, users can edit the video’s metadata during the upload process. These include the title, description, adding tags, and other settings.

Facebook has also improved the way page managers can schedule their posts. Along with scheduling individual videos at a specific time, creators can also publish uploaded videos at a regular interval.

2. Bulk Action Features

Facebook described its new bulk actions as smart editing tools that help page managers to take actions on a large number of video at the same time.

Some of the available bulk actions include:

  • Right manager for RM Lite and RM Pro
  • In-stream ads
  • Bulk scheduling

Other secondary features include adding tags, custom labels, and videos to Playlist or Series. Also, there’s the auto caption and audience restrictions feature.

As said earlier, page managers will have access to all these actions — except bulk restriction — at the time of upload.

3. Updates to Playlists

Facebook is updating playlists to provide a better way for users to organize their content.

Along with enhanced organization, other benefits of Playlists include improved video distribution and sharing. Page managers can easily share their videos as posts in the news feed, and viewers can click to see the full Playlist.

Other updates to playlists include prominent placement and control over the order of video viewing. Finally, page managers can now generate a unique link for each Playlist to share on and off Facebook.

4. Series Feature

The new Series feature is similar to Playlist. It allows users to discover video content across the news feed, Facebook Watch, as well as Facebook’s search results.

Creating a series of videos provides the same benefits as playlists. However, it also comes with some unique offerings.

For one, series episodes can pop-up in the continue watching unit in the series Page. Likewise, viewers can continue watching a series within Facebook Watch.

Unlike Playlist, Series allows users to navigate between seasons and episodes, and they can continue from where they left off at any time.

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