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Facial Recognition Unlock For Cars: To Be or Not To Be?

Will facial recognition in cars cause more problems than it solves? | Michael Gancharuk /

Will facial recognition in cars cause more problems than it solves? | Michael Gancharuk /

Unlocking your cars with keys is fast becoming outdated. Even now, you can control your Tesla with just an Apple Watch. With the evolution of smartphones and the way we use them, unlocking your vehicles now requires a single tap on your phone’s screen.

As exciting as it may be to unlock your car with your smartphone or watch, nothing screams “secure” more than biometrics. And if Apple’s newly-published patent is anything to go by, we could get it real soon.

Now, you may be wondering why the fuss over biometric security. After all, Hyundai is slated to release a car that has fingerprint unlock later this year.

But take a moment and imagine a world where you can unlock your vehicle by merely looking at it. That’s what Apple is trying to give us; a facial recognition unlock for cars.

There’s just one obstacle standing between us and that possible future; no one is working on the project at the moment.

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Apple’s Patented Facial Recognition For Cars

A newly-published patent called “System and Method for Vehicle Authorization” describes a biometric security that allows you to secure your car using Face ID.

Aside from unlocking a vehicle when its user approaches, a FaceID unlock also paves the way for multiple user profiles in cars. That means future cars may be able to adjust the car seat, mirror position, and car temperature based on each user’s preference.

Sounds exciting, don’t you think? Don’t hold your breath for a facial recognition unlock in cars yet. It may not happen as soon as we’d want, and here is why.

Although recently published, Apple filed the patent as far back as early 2017. That was before the company laid off the 200 employees from Project Titan, its self-driving car division.

So, the patent could easily be a reminder of Apple’s attempt at creating an autonomous vehicle. Then again, it could also be an active project in Apple research labs.

One thing is for sure, facial recognition is the best way to keep your car secure – or is it?

How Secure is Facial Recognition For Vehicles?

With facial recognition, there’s no telling who can gain access to your vehicle. For example, when the same technology was first attached to the iPhone, it became a way for law enforcement agencies to bypass passwords.

Face ID attached to a vehicle could ultimately make you choose between privacy and convenience. Since there’s no indication that the technology is coming to future cars soon, you may never get to make a choice.

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