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Everything you Need to Know About Fallout 76

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Much to the surprise of all Bethesda fans, the game company recently announced the release of Fallout 76 — but what will the game actually be like?

A few months ago, we wrote a lengthy article about all things Fallout 5 including plot theories, location ideas, and potential release dates.

So when news outlets reported that Fallout 76 was happening., we decided to revisit our Fallout 5 theories and will be updating that article soon.

From press releases and updates, it seems like Fallout 76 will be more of an appetizer than a main course from the gaming company’s development kitchen. It will most likely be an online-based multiplayer survival game, similar to Rust.

But what else do we know about Bethesda’s newest project?

What we Know so Far About Fallout 76

The original Fallout introduced vaults which “protected” survivors of the nuclear apocalypse.

Fallout 76 was one of the vaults to survive the Vault-Tec experiments. The vault seems to be situated near Washington, D.C., so many people think the game will take place in West Virginia.

The inclusion of John Denver’s “Country Road” song further solidifies this theory.

We also know that Vault 76 was one of the “control” vaults of the game. This means that unlike other experimental vaults, its inhabitants most likely lived a relatively normal life. Well, as normal as a life can be in a fallout shelter.

The multiplayer aspect of Fallout 76 befuddles fans the most. The series has always featured single player RPG type games, but this move isn’t surprising.

Despite Nerdist saying that reaction to the multiplayer Elder Scrolls game was mixed, it is still a continual source of income for Bethesda. Parlaying a new chapter of the Fallout series into an online multiplayer survival game makes sense.

Also, games like PUBG and Fortnite have shown us that the future of successful game releases is in online battle royale style games. Maybe we might see similar features in Fallout 76.

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This release allows the dev team more time to develop the plot for Fallout 5 (coming soon??). It also enables Bethesda to re-utilize assets while still enhancing the world building of the standalone Fallout games in the series.

It also might be a way of salvaging some of the development done on the now-canceled Bethesda project Battlecry.

We also know that Fallout 76 will feature survival gameplay similar to the video game Rust.

image of 4Chan Fallout leak for article Fallout 76 and Dragon Age 4: Teasers and Theories
Anonymous 4Chan user via Reddit

Despite their five-year and counting blacklist, Kotaku first reported this on May 30th, 2018. But, as it turns out, they were not the first to know about this information.

Clever Reddit users spotted an old 4Chan post from December 2017 detailing all of the same information about Fallout 76 including its title and that it would be a “Rust clone”.

Given how little we know about both Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5, this person’s predictions may continue to prove prophetic. Of course, some outlets believe Starfield will drop later this year.

In any case, Fallout 76 will temper the Fallout 5 cravings that a lot of fans have, but whether it will live up to the always high expectations of Bethesda releases is yet to be seen.

What features and gameplay do you think Fallout 76 will have?

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  1. John Rilly June 06 at 4:31 pm GMT

    The two games I hoped would be good. But DA 4 was dead on arrival from the start. Yet I had hopes for the new Fallout. A shame it looks lik it’s going to be trash.

    • Juliet Childers June 12 at 7:29 pm GMT

      I think Fallout 76 has promise, at least in terms of a game I can mess around in with friends. But I’m also looking to Anthem for that experience, too.

      I’ll just be over here crying forever about both Dragon Age and Mass Effect though.

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