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Google Ads Mobile app Gets new Features and Dark Mode

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Google is updating its Google Ads mobile app to include a dark mode option as well as a new optimization score feature.

The Google Ads mobile app provides a convenient way for advertisers to monitor their campaigns in real-time. Also, the app allows users to review the high-impact recommendation and act accordingly.

Now, Google is introducing new features to make the app even more useful to marketers.

In a blog post announcement, product manager at Google Ads, Ryan Beauchamp said:

“Over the past few months, we’ve been making several improvements to the app to address some of your feedback. That’s why, starting today, we’re introducing new optimization score features and Dark mode in the app.”

Here is a breakdown of the updates.

Dark Mode on Google Ads Mobile

The Google Ads Mobile app now has a dark mode option.

The background color of the app should automatically turn dark if you have already turned Dark mode on in your phone settings. Otherwise, you may have to turn on the color option on the Settings page of the Google Ads app.

Optimization Score Recommendations

The optimization score feature enables advertisers to prioritize recommendations for campaigns. And this provides an easy way to improve performance within the app.

Now, advertisers can see both the account and campaign-level optimization score on the account overview screen. That way, it becomes even easier to find the most critical recommendations.

You’ll find campaigns that have recommendations with the highest potential impact at the top of the list. According to Google, this will make it easier for advertisers to prioritize the most critical suggestions.

New Notifications on Google Ads Mobile

Advertisers using Google Ads mobile app can now receive notifications when their optimization score changes.

It enables users to take immediate action. Instead of waiting to open the app, marketers can now tap on the notification to apply Google’s recommendations.

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