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Google Extends Free Product Listings to Search Results

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Casimiro PT /

Back in April, Google introduced free product listings into its Shopping tab in the United States.

According to the search giant, the change has already led to a significant rise in engagement on the platform. Sellers have also noted a substantial increase in both clicks and impressions.

The free listing on Google Shopping tab created a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

Buyers can quickly find specific products from a broader range of options. Similarly, sellers — particularly small and medium-sized businesses — are enjoying incremental traffic.

According to Google, free listings on the Shopping tab could generate billions of dollars in sales for retailers in the U.S. annually. It’s no wonder that the tech giant is extending these changes to search results.

In a blog post announcement, President of Commerce at Google, Bill Ready wrote:

“Now, we’re bringing free listings to the main Google Search results page in the U.S., helping shoppers choose the products and sellers that will serve them best, from the widest variety of options.”

Here’s how it works.

Free Product Listings in Google Search Results

Google started showing product listings in knowledge panels back in 2017. These panels usually appear when a user searches for a specific item on the search engine.

Currently, buying options in this panel are all sponsored links. However, based on the changes, product listings on the knowledge panel will become organic listings.

The changes will take effect in the United States only, and it’ll first appear on mobile. The desktop option will follow later. Also, Google could extend free product listings to other non-U.S. countries at the end of the year.

Google has always displayed information on the main search results in a rich snippet, including other sections such as Popular Products. However, it’s the first organic presence that relies entirely on merchants’ feed.

In a statement to Search Engine Land, Bill Ready said:

“We are still crawling the web to make sure we bring back the best results from across the web, but we are also now including those free listings that the merchants provide to us.”

Amazon currently holds a large percentage of product search share. However, these changes could help Google regain the bulk of that market.

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