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Google Launches Licensable Image Label in Search Results

Iggyko Bonnefoy /

Iggyko Bonnefoy /

Google has been working to prevent image theft on its image search results.

The tech giant’s goal is simple. It’s to highlight copyright and ownership on Google Images. That way, photographers can receive credit — or even payment — for their effort.

So, Google worked with the Center of the Picture Industry (CEPIC) and other news and image associations to test a licensable image label. It’s a new way to display image licensing information on image results.

But that was back in February.

Six months later, Google’s licensable badge in image result is now out of beta, and it comes with a new “Usage rightssearch filter. Now, users can search for images with Creative Commons or other licenses to avoid accidental image theft.

In a blog post announcement, product manager at Google, Francois Spies said:

“These features will make finding the right image to use, as well as guidelines for how to license an image for your business or personal project, much easier than before.”

About the Licensable Image Label and Usage Rights Filter Feature

 Sample images with label
Learn how to find image licensing information on Google Images /

Google will display the new label over images with licensing information from publishers or image creators.

That way, when a user selects a labeled image to view, it’ll include a link to the licensing details. Potential image users will also find a link to quickly purchase or license the photo — if provided by the publisher.

Besides the licensing badge, Google has also introduced a new Usage Rights filter feature. With that, users can filter results to return only images that include licensing information.

Spies wrote:

“You can now select either image that has Creative Commons licenses, or those that have commercial or other licenses, in the Usage Rights dropdown menu on Google Images.”

Back in February, Google added support for structured data to power the image licensing badge. Later in July, it introduced Search Console features to support the markup.

Here are the official documents on how to add the licensable image label markup to your photos.

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