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Google to Make Ad Frequency Management Privacy-Safe Using AI

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Google recently announced its plan to take a privacy-safe approach to ad frequency.

For a while now, the search engine company has been trying to figure out how to preserve users’ privacy without affecting display ads experience. This quest led to several talks with members of the web standard community.

Ad frequency remains a topic of hot discussion in these forums. It refers to how advertisers manage the number of times someone sees their ads.

Users often block or restrict third-party cookies as a privacy measure. Unfortunately, this practice also prevents advertisers from placing a limit on the number of times an individual sees an ad.

As a result, you could see the same advertisement repeatedly. That means advertisers have to either lose money or exclude specific media to prevent this repeated ad viewing. Publishers, on the other hand, usually end up with less revenue.

Now Google is introducing a feature to address this issue.

Product Manager of Ads Privacy at the company, Rahul Srinivasan wrote in a blog post:

 In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a feature in Display & Video 360 that uses machine learning to help advertisers manage ad frequency in a way that respects user privacy when third-party cookies are missing. And in the future, we plan to bring this capability to our display offerings in Google Ads.”

So, how will the tool work?

Using Machine Learning to Manage Ad Frequency

According to Google, the tool will leverage traffic patterns when a third-party cookie is available. It’ll analyze first-party data from the publisher to inform the ad experience for that specific website’s visitors.

The search engine giant is aggregating all user data before applying the machine learning model, which prevents it from sharing user-level information across websites.

Simply put, it’s an ad frequency management approach that’s more focused on privacy than other previous workarounds.

Srinivasan concluded:

“This is a step in the right direction as we work across Google to raise the bar for how our products deliver better user experiences while also respecting user privacy. “

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