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Google Search Console now Features a Copy URL Button

duangphorn wiriya /

duangphorn wiriya /

Considering the many useful features that Google Search Console offers, adding a copy URL button may seem insignificant. But that’s not the case.

Before now, publishers that want to copy a URL to clipboard on the Search Console have to go through the awkward process of highlighting first. Unfortunately, this could quickly lead to accidental clicking.

With the new Copy URL button, publishers simply have to hover over an icon, then copy the URL to a clipboard.

Google’s announcement on Twitter reads:

“Little tweak to Search Console, something many people have requested! We’re adding a “copy to clipboard” button. Now you may see 3 icons when hovering over a URL: copy to clipboard, open in a new tab and inspect URL. We hope this small change boosts your productivity.”

Although the change is an incremental improvement, it has a significant effect on user experience. And the responses reflect this.

Reactions to the Copy URL Button on Google Search Console

As it turns out, many users have been waiting a long time for this improvement. So, the reactions are mainly positive.

Many Twitter users responded that the new Copy URL button would significantly improve their workflow. “Really useful, especially [when] inspecting URL,” says one user. “Earlier, we needed to click before inspecting URL shows, which means losing the flow of analysis.”

Recently, Google has been working to improve user experience on the Search Console. Earlier in the month, the search engine giant introduced two features to give site owners control over account preferences.

In February, Google launched support for Review Snippet in the Search Console to enable users to monitor how a review implementation affects site performance. Shortly after, the console got a feature to assist users with domain changing.

As said earlier, these features improve user experience and workflow in the console. And this could result in publishers becoming more productive and having positive feelings towards the tool.

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