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Google Shopping Goes Live in the U.S. Across Mobile and Desktop

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Vladimka production /

Google Shopping experience is finally available in the United States across mobile and desktop.

The search engine giant first designed Google Product Search to enable listings from services to appear alongside web search results. It was a way to integrate search for products into Google Search.

But the service soon became known as Google Shopping after a 2012 rebranding. Then in March 2019, the tech giant announced that it would integrate the Google Shopping with the existing Google Express to create a new shopping experience for users.

Basically, Google would partner up with retailers to enable users to purchase products right within the search engine’s shopping service. In turn, the buyers would have easy access to a product, retailers would make an easy sell, and Google gets an undisclosed cut of each sale.

It’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

The service was first launched in France earlier in the year. Then on Thursday, Google announced that the shopping experience was finally available in the United States.

Vice president of Product Management, Shopping at the California-based company, Surojit Chatterjee, wrote in a blog post:

“The redesigned Google Shopping experience is now available in the U.S. across mobile and desktop. With information from thousands of stores in one place, you can discover and compare millions of products, and find the best prices and places to buy online or from a store nearby.”

What Google Shopping Offers


Users will see shopping suggestions based on their search histories, shopping histories, and lists. They’ll also have the option to either buy the product online or pick it up locally.

Buy on Google

Google currently has a cost-per-action program for retailers called Google Shopping Actions. It allows users to make purchases through Google, with payment information stored in their Google accounts.

Lowest Price

Google’s improved online shopping service has a price tracking feature that notifies you of low prices.

For example, after selecting a product, you have to turn on the price track feature. Then, the service will send notifications to your phone every time the product’s price drops.

That way, you can buy it at the lowest price.

Buy From Nearby Stores

The shopping service lets you filter your result such that you can purchase a product from local stores. So, rather than ship a product, you could walk into the store to pick it up.

According to Chatterjee, this feature could help shoppers find a last-minute gift for the holiday.

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