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Google+ Shutdown Update: How to Keep Your Data Safe

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Back in October 2017, a significant security flaw exposed users’ data profile on Google+. The breach, along with low adoption, prompted Google to announce its plan to shut down the social network.

But shortly after the announcement, another data leak occurred. As a result, Google had to fast track its plans. So instead of the August 2019 deadline, the social network will shut down four months earlier in April.

Now, the search engine giant has officially released a timeline that details when and how it’ll shut down the failed social media platform.

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Timeline for Google+ Shutdown

Although you can still create new Google+ profiles right now, this feature will be the first to go. As early as February 4, you’ll no longer be able to create profiles, pages, events, and communities.

On the same day, Google will remove comments generated by Google+ on external websites from Blogger. The search engine company will also do the same on other sites by the 7th of March. However, all website content made using Google+ won’t be deleted until April 2nd.

From April 2nd, Google will delete all consumer Google+ content except Google Notes or any other data that the company is required to keep for legal reasons.

Whether it’s that lovely selfie in your Album Archive or the funny short videos, it’ll no longer be accessible on your page. However, it’ll be safely backed up on Google Photos and will not be deleted.

So, if you want to grab your data from the social networking site before it’s wiped away, now is the time. Consider visiting the Google+ support page for information on how to do this.

Finally, if you’ve used Google+ to sign into apps and sites, the buttons may stop working in some instances. But in other cases, it’ll be replaced with the Google sign-in icon. That means you’ll be able to sign in with your Gmail in place of the social network account.

According to a statement from Google, the process could take a while. So, your data should remain accessible in the months to come.

Also, the shutdown does not affect other Google services. If you’re a G Suite user, Google+ for G Suite will largely remain the same, except for a few improvements.

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