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Google Updates Shopping Search Results to Boost Local Stores

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Recently, Google has been introducing new features to make shopping on its search engine safe and convenient.

In May, the search giant tested Curbside Pickup labels to inform customers that a specific product is available for pickup. That way, local retailers can move their inventory during the pandemic.

According to Google, searches for “curbside pickup” and “safe shopping” has increased tenfold in the last few months.

Now that some stores are reopening, figuring out ways to support businesses can be challenging. Tons of questions come to mind when consumers are considering making a purchase. These include:

  • Which stores have reopened?
  • Do they have an item that you want?
  • Do they offer any service to minimize contact?

Google wants to help local businesses provide these answers to potential customers. So, it updated the shopping search results to emphasize a convenient and safe purchase.

The changes can help customers shop at local stores quickly and safely.

Three Updates on Google Shopping Search Results

1. Filter by Local Availability

Users can now check whether a specific product is available locally, whether it’s a new laptop or a barbecue grill.

First, tap the Shopping tab, then select the Nearby filter option at the top of the page. Alternately, add “near me” to your search query to view product options available in local stores.

For example, you could type “music stand near me” to see the music stand in nearby stores.

2. Comparison Shopping

Thanks to a new map view, buyers can now compare stores in a specific area before going in person. You can check the opening and closing hours for each business as well as its distance from you.

Potential buyers can also preview items before making a purchase. They can also scroll through a carousel to see pictures and prices of some products.

3. Curbside or In-Store Pickup

The shopping search results on Google highlights businesses that offer safe purchase. Labels such as Curbside and In-store pickup shows which stores offer minimal contact while shopping.

Customers can call to confirm inventory. Also, a direct link to navigation in Maps can help users get to the store quickly.

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