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Mueller Suggests Tips to Optimize Podcast Sites for Search

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Webmaster and trend analyst at Google, John Mueller recently suggested ways to optimize podcast sites for search engines.

It began in a Reddit discussion forum when a user asked how to optimize an audio-based site containing audiobooks and podcasts. Several users in the community, including Mueller, provided some useful answers.

The original question reads“Our website is a PWA, and it hosts audiobooks, podcasts, and audio shows how to tell google that treats us from that point of view because it may penalize us fr not having content on-page.”

PWA (Progressive Web App) is a website that behaves like an app. One good example is our very own site,

The audio content on the website contained titles and meta descriptions. There’s also a descriptive content of thirty to fifty words per content, says the person asking the question.

Mueller’s Advice on Optimizing Podcast Sites for Search Engines

Mueller emphasized that all pages need textual content that is necessary for Google to rank your page. Regardless of what form of media content your site may offer, the text is essential for the search engine to understand what your page is about.

Mueller explained:

If you’re a video-hosting site, you still need things like titles, headings, text, links, etc. The same goes for audio-hosting sites. Make it easy for search engines to understand your content & how it’s relevant to users, and they’ll be able to send you relevant traffic.”

The keyword here is “relevance“. According to Mueller, describing how the content is relevant to users is an essential step in mapping out content strategy.

If you make it hard for search engines to figure out what your pages are about, it would be normal for them to struggle to figure out how your site is relevant for users,” the trend analyst points out.

While Mueller offers a bit of good advice, other users on Reddit provided an excellent follow-up on ways to optimize podcast sites. Some of them include transcribing your content and using structured data for podcasts and audiobooks.

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