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How to use Chatbots to Increase Your Business's Social Media Engagement

Edgy brings you a guide on how to use chatbots to increase your business's social media engagement, focused on the natural advantages of using bots.

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Chatbots have become very popular lately. Almost every brand uses them.

Some industry leaders actually predict Chatbots will replace mobile apps by 2020.

It is becoming increasingly easy to build chatbots too. With software like Chattybot, you can build one without even knowing how to code.

Businesses are finding more and more ways to use chat bots. Key among them is social media engagement.

Presently, it doesn’t matter how many fans or followers your business has on social media. What matters is how many of them actually engage with your business.

Because chatbots are mainly powered by social media platforms, it’s only natural businesses employ it as a tool to drive engagement.

Is your business using a chatbot in any way? If not, here’s why you should.

Here’s Why Your Business Should use Chatbots:

1. Chatbots Never Sleep.

On average, humans work 8 hours per day. That’s only a third of the total hours in a day. Your business may have customers from all over the world and thus interact with your business at different hours.

To maintain an active presence all through the day with humans, you’ll have to hire around 3 or more people from different time zones to keep up with the engagement of your customers.

This will increase your operational costs substantially.

In contrast, chatbots don’t sleep or take breaks from work. They are active 24/7 and can respond to queries almost instantly.

This means your customers no longer have to wait hours to receive a response in the absence of proper human support.

2. Highly Scalable

Chatbots can serve multiple people at the same time. There’s no limit to how many people a chatbot can serve simultaneously.

One chatbot can serve thousands of people at the same time across multiple platforms.

Their fellow human counterparts on the other hand at most attend to 4 people simultaneously.

This means all other queries who’ll have to be queued or more people have to be hired.

How to Use Chatbots to Increase Social Engagement:

1. Market Your Bot as an Assistant

The times of the hard sell are over.

Gone are the days when companies would market products directly to potential customers.

Now, companies have to come up with innovative ways to sell. These days, your bot is a product you’ll need to sell to your customers. Market it as a chatbot and no one will pay attention.

Instead, sell it as an assistant or support.

Your customers have pain points they need help with. Once they know they can get help from the bot, they’ll start paying attention and engage more with your business.

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2. Incorporate AI into Your Bot

Generally, there are two types of bots. AI-based bots and command-based bots. The latter works only with clearly defined commands. Beyond those commands, it’s of no use.

AI-powered bots on the other hand function more like humans. They have a limited personality and are able to hold conversations just like a human would.

They are very helpful and can solve queries on their own without human support. Chatbots can also initiate conversations by delivering personalized content to your users.

They can be very chatty too. For this reason, some people just chat with these bots out of boredom.

Employ AI-based chatbots on your social media profiles and watch your engagement soar.

3. Add Smart Call to Actions (CTAs) to Your Bot

We cannot emphasize the importance of CTAs enough. CTAs drive users to take desired actions.

By employing strategic CTAs in your chatbot, you can encourage users to take actions such as reading your latest content, entering a competition or completing a survey.

This is a good time to have your bot ask for email registration–another facet of how bots can increase your engagement.

4. Use Your Bot as an Information Gathering Tool

Because AI-based bots can be conversational, users tell them things. You can employ it as a tactic to collect information about users which you otherwise won’t have received.

This information can be used to develop better marketing campaigns that’ll drive more engagement with your business.

Think of your bot as just another analytics platform. The data it collects will bring you insights into user engagement.

Final Thoughts

Social media engagement is a form of validation for businesses. The more engaged your social media profiles are, the more trusted your brand is. The absence of engagement makes users perceive your brand as dead.

Chatbots are here to stay and just like other technologies, will improve over time.

Jump on the bandwagon today by following our outlined tips.

What are some of the ways chatbots will revolutionalize customer support and businesses in general?

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