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Jeff Bezos Unveils Moon Lander Mockup

3Dsculptor /

3Dsculptor /

As part of a grand plan to “enable a sustained human presence on the moon,” Jeff Bezos’s private space company, Blue Origin just unveiled a mockup moon lander.

During a press event, last week, the Amazon CEO revealed the space company’s long-awaited plans to visit the moon. He then unveiled a mock-up of its Blue Moon lander, designed to carry 6.5 tons to the moon’s surface. This is huge!

Aside from bringing a three-years design plan to life, the unveiling also raises the possibility of solving an age-long problem; sustained energy on Earth.

Speaking at the event, Bezos said: 

“A very fundamental long-range problem is that we will run out of energy on Earth. This is just arithmetic. It will happen.”

What solution did Jeff propose, you wonder? According to Amazon’s CEO, we must look elsewhere in the solar system for energy sources.

With Blue Origin and its Moon Lander, the idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched – not anymore.

Blue Origin’s Moon Lander And Jeff’s Dream of Giant Space Colonies

In the event, Jeff said that the moon lander would depend on a brand new BE-7 engine to provide a nice boost. According to reports, the rocket could get as much as 10,000 pounds of thrust.

A modified version of the lunar lander could be even more powerful. The CEO believes that it may one day lift pressurized ascent vehicles for astronauts to the moon’s surface.

The Blue Origin’s website further states that the lander is capable of “precise and soft landings.” And this single feature could make a sustained human presence on the moon a reality.

Bezos did not only talk about Blue Origin’s moon lander, but he also discussed a futuristic vision of humans living in large space colonies. Using physicists Gerald O’Neill’s designs as a model, the CEO hopes that mankind would one day live in a large cylinder that is continually spinning to provide gravity in space.

The news comes just a couple of days after the United States congress’s query on why NASA couldn’t come up with a plan to reach the moon by 2024.

Now, Blue Moon says it’s willing to provide the moon lander as an ascent vehicle to keep the 2024 human landing dream alive.

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