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Marketers Expect More Content-Driven Campaigns in 2020



A new study from the World Media Group suggests that marketers would use more content-driven campaigns in 2020.

Content marketing has exploded in the last few years, and for good reasons.

According to a study from Aberdeen, companies that focus solely on content marketing increased their website conversion rates by over five times. Meanwhile, non-adopters only got a meager 0.5 percent conversion rate.

So, it’s not surprising that more marketers are looking to content-driven campaigns to drive conversion.

In October 2019, World Media Group surveyed marketing professionals worldwide to know their thoughts on this form of marketing. The question was simple: do the professionals thin content-led marketing would grow, stabilize, or decline?

About 80 percent of the marketing professionals said they expect content-driven campaigns to grow over the next two years. Meanwhile, another 19 percent said that they expect it to stabilize.

Only about 2 percent of the respondents think there would be a decline.

How Content-Driven Campaigns Has Evolved

Over the years, content marketing has evolved to be more than just a lead-generation tool.

Now, brands that want to engage with their audience must consider a holistic content strategy like podcasts, whitepapers, and webinars. What’s more, marketers are starting to experiment beyond the traditional editorial-style content and social media posts.

In the survey from World Media Group, nine in ten respondents said that they intend to use audio/podcast in 2020. Also, a similar number of marketing professionals said they would use other emerging technology such as voice and augmented reality.

According to a principal analyst at eMarketer, Jillian Ryan:

“Brands are starting to realize that content-led strategies can inform and provide fuel for most of their other marketing and advertising initiatives.”

Ryan points out that a robust content-led marketing strategy extends beyond content creation. Brands must also plan for multichannel dissemination.

It should be created for a specific audience and shared in the most relevant channel to reach the intended audience,” Ryan concluded.

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    Shivam Dayani February 01 at 12:39 pm GMT

    Hello Edgy Universe,
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