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Microsoft Advertising to Stop Offering Accelerated Budget Delivery

Grand Warszawski /

Grand Warszawski /

Microsoft Advertising is depreciating accelerated budget delivery, nearly a week after Google released a similar reminder.

Last week, Google Ads reminded advertisers that the accelerated budget feature will no longer be accessible starting October 14th.

According to the search engine giant’s post, this form of ad delivery is counterproductive. As a result, it will no longer be available for use with search campaigns, shopping campaigns, or shared budgets

Not only does Microsoft share the same sentiment, but the tech company is now making a similar announcement.

In its press release, Microsoft wrote that all Microsoft Advertising Search, including Dynamic Search Ads and Shopping campaigns, will automatically start serving standard delivery starting November 1.

Senior program manager Abhishek Gupta and senior product marketing manager of Microsoft Advertising, Christiano Ventura, wrote in a blog post:

“Microsoft Advertising will be deprecating the Accelerated budget strategy for Search, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), and Shopping campaigns. To make this migration seamless and without any breaking change, starting on November 1, 2019, these campaigns will start serving as Standard regardless of the chosen strategy type.”

The tech company hopes that its customers can seamlessly move their budget strategy on their entry points from Accelerated to Standard. Now you’re wondering:

Why is Microsoft Advertising Shutting Down Accelerated Budget Delivery?

Accelerated delivery’s purpose is to serve ads as early and often as possible throughout the day.

With this form of ad delivery, Microsoft advertising must enter ads into every eligible ad auction, as long as the advertisers’ budget allows. That means if you have a high volume keyword, and a limited budget, your ads could stop showing before the end of a day.

This makes accelerated budget delivery inefficient for budget-restraint campaigns, and Microsoft Advertising believes this. That’s why the company is recommending the standard budget strategy.

The company executives wrote in the announcement:

The standard budget strategy is a “smarter instrument,” as it picks and chooses the right time to serve with the intent of optimizing your performance based on multiple factors, such as the products and services targeted by your campaign, and availability of corresponding search during the day.”

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