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Google is sending email alerts to site owners via the Search Console to inform them about spikes in search traffic for specific pages.

The email starts with a message with reads, “Your page is trending.” After that, a bunch of numbers indicates the page’s average daily click for a specific period.

The email alert also notes the percentage increase in daily clicks, compared to the regular average. Finally, the Search Console will offer a possible explanation for the traffic spike.

This isn’t the first time Google Search Console has sent such emails. In the past, site owners have received notification of either drops or spikes in weekly search traffic.

But this is slightly different, and here’s why.

Site Owners can now Track Search Traffic Faster

Unlike the previous emails, the new email alerts site owners to traffic spikes faster.

For example, the Search Console can send an email of three days of measurement, compared to a week. In turn, site owners can leverage the traffic surge with greater urgency.

However, not every site owner will get an alert. Google’s John Mueller spoke about the email notification on Twitter when a user asked if it was live for all accounts or a test.

Muller answered that the search console notification feature is not for all sites. He further stated that Google only sends it when there’s useful data to share.

In other words, your site is unlikely to receive any of these emails unless you’re generating traffic that’s higher than average.

With that said, you should know that Google only sends these emails for traffic spikes in organic results only. It’s what the search engine company designed the search console to measure.

That means you won’t receive emails concerning a traffic surge from other sources. These include referral traffic from social media, among others.

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