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Microsoft Launches the Azure Blockchain Service

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is just about to kick off its Build 2019 Developer Conference today in Seattle. However, ahead of the event, the company announced one of its latest Azure products: the Azure Blockchain Service. This new Azure cloud service aims to simplify blockchain development for developers.

The Blockchain Azure Service is part of Microsoft’s efforts to support companies in this new era of secure multi-party computation. They hope to do this by delivering “open, scalable platforms, and service” that any company can utilize.

Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure’s Chief Technology Officer, said in a statement:

“Azure Blockchain Service is a fully-managed blockchain service that simplifies the formation, management, and governance of consortium blockchain networks so businesses can focus on workflow logic and application development.”

With a few simple clicks, users can create and deploy a permissioned blockchain network and manage consortium policies using an intuitive interface in the Azure portal.”

The Azure Blockchain Service

The Azure Blockchain Service promises to deliver the following capabilities to help blockchain developers focus on business logic and app development:

  • Creating and configuring consortium blockchain infrastructure quickly
  • Built-in consortium management for easy member onboarding, codeless permissioning, and simplified policy enforcement
  • An open, flexible platform that can be integrated with existing dev tools, data sources, and applications for building blockchain apps

Last week, Microsoft also announced its partnership with financial technology company JP Morgan to launch Quorum as the first ledger in Azure Blockchain Service. Russinovich said:

“Because it’s built on the popular Ethereum protocol, which has the world’s largest blockchain developer community, Quorum is a natural choice. It integrates with a rich set of open-source tools while also supporting confidential transactions, something our enterprise customers require.”

In a separate statement, JP Morgan’s Global Head of Blockchain Umar Farooq said:

“We are incredibly proud of the success Quorum has had over the last four years as organizations around the world use Quorum to solve complex business and societal problems. We are delighted to partner alongside Microsoft as we continue to strengthen Quorum and expand capabilities and services on the platform.”

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