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Microsoft Introduces Natural Language Feature for Excel



Microsoft has just introduced a natural language feature that will enable people to ‘talk’ to Excel like it’s a person. The new feature is currently available to Office Insiders only, a community of select Microsoft Office users who help test new Office apps and features.

With the integration of natural language processing, Excel users will not only be able to interact with the said Office app more efficiently, but they can also get quick answers to their queries.

Microsoft explained:

“Natural language query is another step toward making data insights and visualization more approachable and accessible to users with various levels of Excel experience. Novice users will not need to know how to write a formula to gain useful insights from their data, while power users will be able to save time by automating the data discovery process by simply asking the right questions and quickly adding charts and tables they need for better and faster decisions.”

Microsoft’s Natural Language Feature

Like other Silicon Valley giants, Microsoft has also invested time and money in developing a natural language feature that will make its services more accessible to people. This latest upgrade to Microsoft Excel is a clear proof of the goal.

Microsoft has not shared any examples of what questions users can ask Excel, but the company explained the general structure of the NLP feature.

“Now Excel supports natural language queries, so users can now ask a question of their data, just like they would if they were talking to a person, and get quick answers—all without having to write a formula.”

The Excel NLP feature is just one in a series of upgrades for the said application. Excel is now also equipped with an Office Script feature that will automate repetitive tasks and record actions inside an Excel workbook.

Microsoft also announced other AI-powered features that will come to its other Office applications and Windows voice assistant Cortana soon. Among these updates is MyAnalytics, which now provides suggestions to Outlook like adding agendas and booking meetings.

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