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Microsoft Rolls out new Conversion Settings for Advertisers

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Microsoft has announced two conversion settings for advertisers on its ad platform.

The ability to track conversion is an essential part of any ad campaign. Not only does it tell you how useful a keyword is, but you’ll also gain an overall insight into your campaign’s performance.

In turn, you can make the proper optimizations to get the desired outcome.

Last week, Microsoft announced two new conversion goals options to enable advertisers to track their goals better. These are Inclusion in conversions as well as View-through conversions. 

In its announcement, Microsoft Ads wrote:

“Today, we’re announcing two updates that will help you focus your ad campaigns on the most important conversion goals for your business.”

Executives at the company also pointed out that the new conversion would enable advertisers to measure the actual value of ad campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network.

Let’s delve a little deeper.

Two New Conversion Settings on Microsoft Ads

Include in “Conversions”

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of customer journeys, and micro-conversion that reflects this journey has value in the marketing ecosystem.

As a result, companies no longer focus on a single metric as an indicator of performance. Instead, they want more flexibility to focus on the conversions that are relevant to specific campaigns.

And that’s what the new setting provides.

Thanks to the Include in the “Conversions” option, advertisers can include the resulting conversions for a specific goal in the defaulted conversion metrics across data tables and reports.

View-Through Conversions

While users may not click on ads on these ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, it influences user decisions and drives purchase consideration. As such, it becomes imperative to track its performance.

Now, advertisers can do just that. With the View-Through Conversion settings, tracking Microsoft Audience Network-enabled ads is now possible.

Unsurprisingly, it only supports impression tracking. That way, advertisers can measure the full value of their advertisements on the Microsoft Audience Network.

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