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The Microsoft Surface Phone Gets Real With new Snapdragon Processor

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Videos recently released show Windows 10 running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. With the Surface Phone soon to release, we have a hopeful look into the future of Microsoft‘s mobile technology efforts.

The Surface Pro is an excellent portable computer, but it has its flaws. Namely, a low battery life and a lack of integrated cellular technology hold the computer back. Many of those limitations are due to the Intel x86 chips that the tablet shares with Microsoft’s laptop line. Yet, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone will make use of ARM-based processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Giving the Surface Pro an Upgrade

Changing the processor will enable Microsoft’s mobile technology platform to integrate cellular technology into their devices, giving them connectivity outside of Wi-Fi hotspots. Integrated LTE would give professionals a way to access the internet quickly, without having to use their data connection to do so.

The change will also give the devices better power regulation, extending their operating time significantly. With an ARM-based processor, the Surface Phone will be able to operate for days without needing a recharge, giving it a more competitive edge against Apple‘s iPad or Google‘s Pixel C.

With an ARM-based processor, the Microsoft Surface Phone will be able to operate for days without needing a recharge.Click To Tweet

The Surface Pro itself could benefit greatly from the processors for some of the same reasons as the phone. According to the video, Windows 10 is running beautifully on the Snapdragon, but it remains to be seen if the device runs as well when supporting external displays. One of the most satisfying features of the Surface Pro line is the ability to connect it to a monitor to get a larger screen, and if it runs well then the Surface Pro line will have the capacity to offer something that the iPad does not.

microsoft surface phone
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“The ability to connect to a larger monitor will give the Surface Pro line something that other tablets lack”

Potential Issues for Microsoft Surface Phone to Overcome

Microsoft doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to running its OS on ARM-based devices with integrated cellular. Memories of the Windows RT and Surface RT give fans pause, but Windows 10 is an entirely new platform. It comes with new promises that the OS and all of its legacy applications will work on devices running ARM chips.

The Surface 3 is also a bad memory for many. The device offered by Verizon had a smaller display than the Surface Pro 3 and ran on weak Intel processors that slowed down at the slightest hint of intensive use.

The new videos give some proof that Microsoft has addressed its previous failures. Yet, they don’t show everything. With any luck, the Microsoft Surface Phone will be a fully capable PC in a smartphone’s frame, and for Microsoft, that means keeping up with Apple and Google in the mobile device market.

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