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Why Nomura, Google, IBM and Amazon are Investing in Indian Fintech

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Little by little, India is emerging as a haven for new technologies, and Fintech is no exception. This promising market has just received another boost by the Japanese Nomura Holdings, Inc., in collaboration with Google, Amazon, IBM, and others.

Established in 1925, the Nomura Holdings Group is a Tokyo-based global investment bank employing over 28,000 people across 30 countries. A member of the group, Nomura Holdings, Inc. is a financial holding company that serves governments, institutions, and individuals. On April 19, the company announced its new program geared toward Indian startups.

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Nomura-Voyager FinTech Partnership in India

In a press release, Nomura Holdings, Inc. unveiled its initiative, called the “Voyager-Nomura FinTech Partnership in India.” Through the Voyager Program, the company invites startups and entrepreneurs with innovative Fintech solutions for the financial industry, especially capital markets and investment banking.

The company also set up a platform in Mumbai, called the Nomura Innovation Centre (NICe), to support selected Fintech startups and plans to create a 10 billion Japanese yen fund for financial support.

The company cites nine fields and technologies in at least one of which applying startups should have innovative solutions to propose: AI, Chatbots, NLP/NLG, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Visualization, Search Engine, Information Discovery, and Anomaly Detection.

India, an Ever-Growing Tech Haven

Startups have a one-month window (April 19-May 19) to apply for the Voyager Program. On June 30, Nomura would release the shortlist and initiate the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase. Then, on September 30, the finalists will be announced.

Apart from financial support in the form of direct investment–if the project is deemed relevant and feasible–selected startups would gain exposure and visibility thanks to Nomura’s global presence and notoriety. Selected Fintech startups would also have the possibility to establish a business partnership with the Japanese company (as potential a client) and get access to its vast resources.

Nomura’s Voyager Program is aimed at Indian Fintech market and for Indian Fintech, though non-Indian startups or those with foreign founders can apply.

However, shortlisted startups have to maintain representation in Mumbai during the final stages of the selection process. This attests to India’s growing stature as a global hub for new technologies. Almost inexistent a few years ago, now Indian tech ecosystem counts more than 19,000 startups.

To further consolidate the Voyager Program, Nomura Holdings has recruited the expertise of many authoritative partners, including Google, Amazon, IBM, PwC and Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

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