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New Firefox Blocks Google Analytics and Other Website Tracking Tools

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Last week, Mozilla released a new set of enhanced security features for its Firefox browser that will prevent any website tracking tools from collecting user data.

According to Mozilla Firefox’s senior vice president Dave Camp, offering privacy-related features are part of the company’s goal of setting a new standard that prioritizes the privacy of people. Camp said:

“We believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establish a new standard that puts people’s privacy first. At Firefox, we have been working on setting this standard by offering privacy-related features like Tracking Protection in Private Browsing.”

Firefox’s enhanced tracking protection now stops sites like Google, Facebook, and others from spying on people’s online activities. Camp further noted that the browser would block known “third-party tracking cookies” by default.

“For new users who install and download Firefox for the first time, Enhanced Tracking Protection will automatically be set on by default as part of the ‘Standard’ setting in the browser and will block known “third-party tracking cookies.”

Blocking Website Tracking Tools

While most online users generally laud Mozilla’s intention, some marketers and businesses were not particularly happy with the company’s new browser features. Apparently, Google Analytics and other SEO tools used for website tracking by marketing experts are among the tools being blocked by default by Firefox.

Joe Youngblood, a renowned digital marketing consultant and author, took to Twitter to air his disappointment about Firefox’s latest update. His public tweet read:

“Hey I’ve been using you over Chrome, but forcing me to block all cookies by default and essentially destroying the data that helps SMB’s be successful online means I’m reversing course on that decision. Thanks for ruining a great browser with pr baiting b.s.”

Youngblood further cited that “small businesses need to know who is coming to their website, where from, and what content gets those people to take action.”

Asa Dotzler, Mozilla Firefox’s director of participation, responded to Youngblood’s tweets against Firefox. Dotzler emphasized that Youngblood and other Firefox users can change the preference of the browser to accept cookies anytime.

However, Youngblood continued lambasting Firefox, citing that the company is “forcing everyone who has Firefox installed to immediately block Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc..” which takes away the data small businesses and developers need.

Another Mozilla employee that goes by the Twitter handle @nukeador explained that the analytics functionality of Google Analytics is not affected by their new privacy feature.

The majority of the online marketing community is yet to provide feedback about how Firefox’s latest features are affecting their site monitoring and reporting tasks. Meanwhile, online users are now waiting for the next tech company who will follow in Firefox’s footsteps.

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