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New Pinterest Trends Feature to Provide Top U.S. Search Terms

Ink Drop / Shutterstock

Ink Drop / Shutterstock

Pinterest has just announced a new tool, Pinterest Trends, to help marketers keep up with the top search terms in the United States.

While Pinterest is not as popular as Facebook or Instagram, it has a growing audience.

More than 320 million active users depend on the platform for inspiration – from figuring out what to wear or what to cook. Pinterest boasts over 200 billion ideas on more than 4 billion boards.

The platform provides insight into emerging trends. So, it’s not surprising that marketers rely on it for early signals into consumer behavior and evolving taste.

Now, Pinterest is providing a tool to improve how marketers use their platform.

In its blog post announcement, Pinterest wrote:

“Today, we’re starting to roll out Pinterest Trends (currently in beta), a new tool that will give a view of the top U.S. search terms within the past 12 months, and a look into when top search terms peak so you can better understand how content performs on Pinterest.”

Here’s how the tool works.

Using Pinterest Trends To Find Top U.S. Trends

According to the company, users’ preferences and interests have powered the Pinterest algorithm for years. Now marketers will have access to what the system has learned via Pinterest Trends.

The new tool provides a more in-depth insight into planning behaviors on the platform. That way, brands can allocate budgets to campaigns during each of these planning stages.

Aside from validating assumptions about emerging trends, Pinterest Trends also refine search queries using auto-complete suggestions. Marketers will have access to a list of keywords to use or avoid in their media campaigns.

Pinterest points out that some brands, like a global media company, Tastemade, are already using the tool to improve their campaign.

For example, over the summer, they saw that watermelon content was outperforming across platforms, so they doubled down and created a dedicated Board, which led to a viral watermelon-focused Pin campaign.”

The tool will roll out in the coming weeks on the desktop in the United States.

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