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Facebook Rolls Out Ads Reporting Tools For Holiday Campaigns

Piotr Swat /

Piotr Swat /

Facebook has introduced new ad reporting tools to help advertisers analyze their ad performance during holiday campaigns.

The holiday season usually comes with loads of shopping. It’s no wonder that businesses buckle down on their holiday campaigns to increase online and in-store sales.

As an advertiser, access to ad performance metrics across accounts, channels, and publishers is essential for decision making. It provides a holistic picture of how your campaign is performing, as well as what you can improve upon.

That’s where Facebook’s new ad reporting tool comes in.

It’s a convenient way to know which demographics you’re reaching. More importantly, an ad reporting tool lets you know which channels are driving the most conversion this holiday season.

The social media behemoth has three new reporting tools to measure your holiday campaigns better.

3 Ad Reporting Tools for Holiday Campaigns

Here are the three new tools from Facebook.

1. Cross-Account Reporting

According to Facebook, cross-account reporting allows advertisers to track their metrics across multiple accounts.

Whether its the reach, impression, or conversion, the reporting surface serves as a one-stop-shop for insight into campaign performance. That way, advertisers can save the time that was previously dedicated to manually building reports.

2. Custom Metrics

As you may have guessed, this new feature gives advertisers the option to develop and save their custom metrics. So, they’ll be able to build and track data that are more tailored towards a specific business goal.

You can create custom metrics once and use it across all reports.

3. Conversion Path Reporting

Earlier in the year, Facebook launched Conversion Path. It’s an ad reporting tool that helps advertisers track the multiple interactions a customer makes before purchase.

Now, the tech company is rolling out a new feature to accompany the tool. And they’re calling it Conversion Path reporting.

An understanding of the conversion path is essential to understand if you’re reaching shoppers and how you’re doing it. The new tool provides this insight.

Conversion Path reporting will enable advertisers to know the publishers in the most frequent conversion paths across channels and devices. Using this data, advertisers can identify the most impactful channels and credit them accordingly.

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