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Nvidia Unveils 32GB CEO Edition Titan V GPU; Gives 20 Away

Jejim |

Jejim |

This article details news about Nvidia’s surprise 32GB Titan V “CEO Edition” GPU announcement and subsequent giveaway.

Everyone knows that Nvidia produces some of the best GPUs or video cards on the market.

Despite competition from the new AMD Ryzens with integrated GPUs, Nvidia remains a definitive contender. That’s why the surprise reveal seems like a smart PR move.

On June 22nd, 2018, Nvidia announced a 32GB version of their Titan V video cards. What’s more, they call it the “CEO Edition” GPU and straight up gave a bunch away to people.

What’s the scoop on this CEO level graphics card and who was lucky enough to get one?

You get a GPU and YOU get a GPU! Only These Twenty People at This Conference get GPUs

The original Titan V graphics card cost around $3,000 USD originally. But this new version features even more power for top-of-the-line machines.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, debuted the “Titan V CEO Edition” in Salt Lake City, UT, at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference.

He then gave away 20 of those hype-beast GPUs to researchers working on AI, autonomous driving, and robotics projects. Some suggest that Nvidia did this in order to diversify out of gaming. Perhaps the Ryzen GPU/CPUs have them scared.

However, those researchers will be the only people with the cards for some time, as it is not yet available for purchase to we plebians.

In fact, Nvidia doesn’t have pricing available for this limited edition Titan card either. If the original model is any indication, this new one will have a hefty price tag.

Tech Specs and Model Comparisons

The old Titan V model features a paltry 12GB memory in comparison to the CEO Edition’s monstrous 32GB. The new card also has a larger memory bus of 4.096-bits with a 6 MB cache. For reference: the standard memory bus has 3.072-bits with a 4.5 MB L2 cache.

Nvidia might be able to attribute the enhancements to its incorporation of deep learning. The technology increased performance to 125 teraflops from a measly 110 teraflops.

I am definitely being sarcastic here. I have a Nvidia Republic of Gamers 1060 GPU and I still salivate at the Titans. But that’s mostly because they are some of the highest performing cards for average consumers.

The CEO Edition Titan V performs more closely to the Tesla V100 cards. These carry a price tag of around $10,000 USD. Yikes. That probably means that this new card’s price tag may shut out even more consumers than the original Titan cards.

What GPU do you have in your home PC or gaming laptop?

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