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OEB Global: Speakers, Agendas, and Other Details



The ultimate technology-supported education conference, OEB Global, will kick off today with the theme “Learning Uncertainty.”

OEB Global, the world’s leading technology-backed learning and training conference is coming back for its 15th year. The event will take place at the Berlin Hotel InterContinental.

Over 2,300 participants from the education and technology sectors are expected to attend the interdisciplinary conference.

The overall theme for this year’s conference, Learning Uncertainty,” will be addressing one of the most defining characteristics of our age: planning for the unknown and adapting to new challenges.

“OEB 2017 is about acknowledging uncertainty and preparing for it. It is about how transformative education, training, and learning can equip businesses, organisations, and individuals with the skills to survive and prosper in our new era.”

OEB Global 2017 will bring attendees to the forefront of learning and technology developments and will give them the insights on opportunities and challenges that are currently shaping the world of learning.

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Participants in the event will have a chance to expand their network and discuss the latest best practices with:

  • policymakers
  • higher education leaders
  • chief learning officers
  • technology & learning experts
  • learning and development professionals
  • change managers
  • ICT administrators
  • online learning curriculum designers

Participants of the OEB Global conference will come from different parts of the world, all eager to hear from more than 270 speakers that will grace the stage of the event to share their expertise and experiences. The conference will run for three whole days starting today, December 6th, until Friday, December 8th.

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OEB Global: Speakers

OEB Global will feature 15 keynote speakers this year. The list includes Institute of Ideas Director Claire Fox, Carnegie Mellon University Anthropologist Lauren Herckis, and HEE Director of National Programmes Alan Ryan among others.

Other notable speakers for the event are:

  • Pablo Achard
  • Tim Ackermann
  • Ignacio Aedo Cuevas
  • Elisabeth Agerbaek
  • Karam Alhamad
  • dale Allen
  • Line Palle Andersen
  • Jos Arets
  • Alejandro Armellini
  • Grahan Attwell
  • Thomas Bachem
  • Paul Bacsich
  • Nicole Baker Rosa
  • Chara Balasubramaniam
  • Marzia Baldassari
  • Maha Bali

The complete list of speakers and chairpersons for the OEB Global conference is available here.

OEB Global: Agendas

Some of the topics and agendas to look forward to from Wednesday, December 6th to Friday, December 8th.

  • Speexx Exchange Reality Check
  • Lights, Camera, Change: Leading Academic Innovation through Storytelling
  • The Changing World of Work: Identities and their Transformation
  • Tools and Tips for Secure Assessments
  • Design Thinking Taster Workshop
  • Future Happens– Hack your Way to Influencing and Changing Pedagogical and Technological Strategy and Practice
  • The Engine of Innovation Story
  • OEB 2017 Opening Plenary: Learning Uncertainty
  • Open Data, Open Education and eGovernment: Different Trends in Public Administration
  • The ABC of Rapid and Engaging Learning Design
  • Tech LAB: Measuring Social Media Impact
  • Workplace Learning Starts Here
  • Getting Ready for More Agency
  • The Futurist Mindset: How to Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose
  • Multinational Perspectives on Next-generation Digital Learning Environments
  • Tech LAB: From Digital Storytelling to Scholarly Storytelling
  • Policy Development and Impact
  • Socialised Learning – Laying the Foundation for Learners’ Successes

OEB Global will have more than 10 engaging and practice-focused formats.

Plus, the conference will host over 80 international exhibitors, ranging from leading and well-established market leaders to service providers and emerging start-ups.

For a complete list of details, topics, and agendas, click here.

Are you at OEB Global 2017 right now? Comment below with updates from the conference.

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