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Oracle Blockchain Platform Adds devOps to its Arsenal

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Those familiar with Oracle know that it offers database technology and software, cloud systems, and other enterprise-level software products. You also probably know what blockchain technology is and its uses outside of cryptocurrency.

The addition of devOps aims to further improve app management and business development.

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Oracle’s database services are just one facet of the company. | Oracle

The Purpose of the Platform and Update

The Oracle Blockchain Platform provides an easier transition for companies to leverage blockchain. You can process transactions more quickly and securely using this platform, according to their website.

It originally launched last year, but the latest updates want to enhance and build upon what’s already there. The new capabilities include:

  • Support for SQL-based ledger queries.
  • Hyperledger Fabric 1.3 support for Java chain code development.
  • Authentication using external identity providers.

The technology also has implications for supply chain transparency and enhanced traceability.

Ideally, the platform and cloud services can mitigate paper waste and enable users to track product component authenticity, too. Moreover, companies can integrate any transaction history into analytics and insight dashboards. REST APIs will help simplify this integration.

Additionally, Oracle intends for the upgrade to court diverse and copious amounts of new clients.

image of a promotional image from that says is among the first FinTech startups to incorporate Oracle’s blockchain platform. |

The Platform Works for Smaller Companies, too

Though Oracle normally operates on the enterprise level, a FinTech startup looks to leverage it, as well.

The European-based startup published a press release Wednesday, February 12th announcing the move. Partnering with Oracle, plans to use their blockchain platform to improve payment processing, as well as remove intermediaries.

In other words, they’re using the platform exactly how Oracle intended companies to use it. will have more streamlined and secure payments through the new platform. When paired with other blockchain-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools from Oracle, companies can have a “one-stop-shop” of sorts in Oracle.

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